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Indian democracy

‘No force in the world can harm democratic traditions of India’: PM Modi gives a befitting reply to Rahul Gandhi over his comments in...

Referring to Rahul Gandhi's criticism of India's democracy in the UK, PM Modi said, "There are some people who are continuously questioning Indian democracy"

What interference by George Soros means and the changing nature of imperialism that we must acknowledge to safeguard our freedoms

American billionaire George Soros has been in news for his outlandish views on the Indian government and especially PM Modi.

Asaduddin Owaisi says Islam ‘gifted’ democracy to India, leaves netizens amused

"We opened our closed doors and we gave everything, and the most unique gift that Islam gave to this country was the gift of democracy", Owaisi said.

PM Modi takes Congress to the cleaners in Rajya Sabha, says how things would have been different ‘agar Congress nahi hoti’

PM Modi in his speech in the Rajya Sabha questioned many existing notions around Democracy, Federalism and India as a nation.

Retired Supreme Court Judge bats for judicial overreach, asks SC to bypass Legislature, strike down sedition law and UAPA

"We had the China and Pakistan wars. Thereafter, we introduced the draconian legislation- UAPA", said retired SC judge RF Nariman.

Mamata Banerjee writes to Opposition leaders to gather support against CAA, continues to indulge in fear-mongering

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee wrote a letter to opposition leaders on Monday urging them to meet and plan protests to 'save democracy'.

Jharkhand: Muslim woman assaulted by husband for voting BJP, FIR lodged

Muslim woman Sahana Khatoon of Chanho, Jharkhand was allegedly assaulted by her husband because she voted for BJP.

The Economist is trying to charge Indians Rs 3799 per head to tell them how to save their democracy

The Economist had recently published an article against PM Narendra Modi and endorsed the 'corrupt' Congress for 2019 Lok Sabha elections

Kerala: Its first brush with Democracy And Nehru

Out of 124 cases of imposition of President's rule and sacking of democratically elected Governments in the state, 87 are by Congress Government

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