Topic: Insolvency laws

In 66 resolution cases, the realization by creditors was around Rs. 80,000 crores.
Jaypee Infratech makes attempt to save its debt-ridden company from insolvency proceedings.
This is the story that they will not tell you. In a year when markets have sunk across the world, India, under Prime Minister Modi, shines
More than 9,000 cases have come for redressal under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) after it became fully operational in December 2016.
Modi sarkar is moving the country from crony capitalism to a rule-based regime, the foundation of any first world country
In recent weeks, we have seen one naamdar and his numerous minions in the ecosystem making all sorts of allegations
Punjab National Bank (PNB) recovered a record Rs 11,378 crore from defaulters in the first five months of this fiscal.
The government has delivered well on most parameters
The misinformation in the Media is staggering
These changes are truly revolutionary and have the potential to transform the country in years to come.
It is indeed refreshing to see much needed economic and social reforms that will go a long way in improving the life of every Indian.
Wilful defaulters will not get a chance to rebid for their assets on auction.
Reserve Bank of India is planning to use insolvency laws against the big loans defaulters.

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