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Viral Video: Woman thrown off the building from by in-laws for not spicing chicken properly in Pakistan’s Lahore, husband arrested

In a shocking incident in Pakistan's Lahore, a woman was thrown off the upper floor of a house by her husband and in-laws allegedly for not spicing the chicken properly

Pakistani experts ‘analyse’ Arabic text on a woman’s dress over ‘blasphemy’ allegations, discuss punishments despite confirmation that it was just random words

It happens only in Pakistan, that people are subjected to harassment, violence, Sar Tan Se Juda threats and mob lynching over mere suspicion and even baseless claims.

Pakistan: Mob assaults woman wearing dress with random Arabic words mistaking the text to be Quranic verses, woman apologises after police rescue her

In Lahore in Pakistan, Islamic fanatics assaulted a woman because they believed she committed blasphemy by wearing a dress with Arabic calligraphy.

Pakistan’s Ex-PM Imran Khan barred from contending February 2024 elections, EC rejects nomination papers from Lahore and Mianwali on the last day of scrutiny

Pakistan’s provincial election commission rejected nomination papers of Imran Khan and other senior PTI leaders for the elections

Lahore, Pakistan: Thieves dressed as police officers rob lakhs of rupees from Indian Sikh family visiting Nankana Saheb

An Indian Sikh family was robbed by thieves dressed in police uniforms in Pakistan's Lahore.

Pakistan: 14-year-old girl shoots dead father Bilal Khan after he raped her for over 3 months

The minor revealed her trauma in sickening detail in a statement to the authorities including how the accused had been sexually abusing her for the previous three to four months.

Pakistan: Head of Lahore’s Anti-Narcotics Investigation Unit Mazhar Iqbal exposed as the mastermind of drug smuggling network

Starting from 1994, Mazhar Iqbal has faced dismissal from his position on six occasions and suspension a staggering 45 times due to his repeated involvement in unlawful activities. The majority of these cases are directly linked to drug trafficking.

Rajasthan: Minor girl caught at Jaipur Airport trying to go to Lahore lied about family and ‘Pakistani boyfriend’, wanted to be famous like Seema...

Minor girl who was caught at the Jaipur International Airport and claimed that she is from Pakistan made up the whole story to become famous

Pakistan: Khalistani terrorist Paramjit Singh Panjwar shot dead by unknown assailants. Here is what we know so far

The Khalistani Commando Force (KCF) headed by Panjwar was eyeing to reactivate sleeper cells and form a nexus of ex-terrorists with other anti-India elements.

‘Bulletproof burqa’: Pakistan’s ex-PM Imran Khan appears in Lahore court surrounded amid heavy security and a bulletproof bucket covering his head

Security personnel were surrounding Khan from all possible angles with bulletproof material. They were also acting as human shields for the ex-PM. Pakistani media reported that since the attack during his rally in Wazirabad last year, Khan fears for his life and has been stepping out only under high security.

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