Monday, August 8, 2022


Muslim Appeasement

After the exhausting ‘Temple run’ by Rahul Gandhi, now its time for Iftar

The Congress is trying to woo both opposition parties and Muslims ahead of 2019 general elections.

‘Rohingyas have come from Burma and will have to return’: Rajnath Singh

The NDA government is refusing to change its stance despite pressure from 'eminent' personalities.

The two giant positives for Hindu unity from Karnataka elections

Hindus of Karnataka have shown the Congress that they do keep their eyes and ears open.

Mamata Banerjee to skip NITI Aayog’s meet as it coincides with Eid

'I don't leave my people on festivals,' said Banerjee.

Dear Karnataka Youth Congress, you can not delete a tweet and keep defending it too

Youth Congres handle tweets, 'we the Muslims' then deletes and soon jumps to defend it

Ram Guha and Harsh Mander reach the same destination of bigotry, they just take two different paths

There is no disagreement here, they packaged the same bigotry differently

Harsh Mander’s article shows how ‘seculars’ are the real bigots and believers of the 2-nation theory

Indian secularists are blocking every avenue which could make India a harmonious society.

Kapil Sibal defends Muslim orphanages that defy SC order and refuse to get themselves registered

Muslim orphanages say they do not fall under the purview of Juvenile homes

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