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Mumbai Police arrests YouTuber ‘Hindustani Bhau’ for supporting students’ protest demanding online exams

Social media influencer Hindustani Bhau arrested for joining the students protesting for online exams.

Byju’s and more: The unrealistic goals, the mad rush and the ed-tech boom in India. Do we need to be worried?

Byju's promises a better future for the children. But its sales tactics and methods are rising concerns among many.

Rajasthan: 12-year-old boy gets addicted to porn while attending online classes, rapes 6-year-old girl

The girl is a neighbour of the boy, and the parents of the girl work on the farm. He took her to his home and raped her after watching porn

India finds a silver lining in coronavirus pandemic as ‘Education Television’ becomes a thing

Launched on 10th July 2017, SWAYAM Prabha is a Ministry of Education initiative that provides 32 high-quality educational channels via Direct to Home (DTH) services 24x7.

Jharkhand: Controversy erupts after LKG and UKG students made to memorise Pakistan and Bangladesh national anthem

Students of a school in Jharkhand asked to memorise Pakistan and Bangladesh anthem in WhatsApp class

Kolkata: Hackers intrude e-class of class 6 students of a girls’ school, threaten students with rape and murder

Hackers enter online class of a Girl's school in Kolkata, abuse and threat the class 6 students with rape and murder

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