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Turkeys are not vegan: PETA’s non-stop preaching ahead of Thanksgiving gets ‘fact-checked’ by community notes on X

Along with the ironic Community Note, PETA's X post also received numerous critical and even sarcastic responses with many calling out PETA for suggesting that Turkeys would never eat humans.

Kerala temple gets a life-sized mechanical elephant donated by PETA, to be used for festivals instead of real elephant

PETA stated that elephants are highly social beings and that they need to live in forests with their families for their well being. It also encouraged the local temples to use mechanical elephants and send real elephants to the forests.

Puducherry: Elephant Laxmi of Manakula Vinayagar temple dies suddenly, activists allege sabotage by PETA and others

Many individuals paid respects to Lakshmi, including Lt. Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan.

After the Paper Magazine photoshoot, PETA invites actor Ranveer Singh to again pose nude for their ‘Try Vegan’ campaign

PETA writes to Ranveer Singh asking to pose nude for their Try Vegan campaign after his nude photoshoot with Paper magazine

Qatar: Armed men slaughter 29 ‘unclean’ dogs at one go in Doha. Here is what we know so far

The dogs had run towards the shooter in hopes of being fed but they ended up killing them instead.

Thousands of birds rescued by Delhi Police in a raid on illegal bird market near Jama Masjid

The illegal bird market in Delhi has been around for a long time and is located near the Jama Masjid.

PETA resorts to sex: Shares cringe sexual videos making dubious claims to promote veganism

PETA is claiming that vegans enjoy great sex life and they are superior in terms of sexual performance to non-vegans, especially meat-eaters.

PETA says illegal goat markets are open all over Mumbai ahead of Bakra Eid, claims violation of Covid norms and animal rights

PETA India alleged illegal goat markets have opened all across Mumbai amidst Bakra Eid celebrations despite Covid restrictions.

Fact-check: Did a PETA activist really become pregnant with Gorilla semen to save the species

Sirf News falls for satire, publishes fake news saying PETA activist became surrogate mother of a Gorilla embryo using IVF

PETA India wants to shut down the entire dairy industry to prevent cow slaughter, but there is another solution

Instead of snatching away livelihoods of 8.4 million diary farmers, PETA India can promote animal shelters

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