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Fact-check: Did a PETA activist really become pregnant with Gorilla semen to save the species

Sirf News published a report saying Molly Heather, a biologist and PETA activist, became surrogate mother of a Gorilla embryo using IVF after failing to become pregnant with Gorilla semen

On Sunday, several users took to Twitter to share a news report saying that a San Diego-based PETA activist had claimed that she has successfully impregnated herself with the semen of a gorilla with the hope of saving the endangered species.

The news outlet Sirf News published a report on Sunday saying 23-year-old Molly Heather, a former biologist at the San Diego Zoo and also a PETA activist, took hundreds of specimens of semen of the animal while at work and tried to impregnate herself unsuccessfully for many years.

The report published by Sirf News further said that PETA activist Heather claims she was unsuccessful until she realized she could use in-vitro fertilization (IVF), the process of combining Gorilla semen with Gorilla eggs to create an embryo, and successfully impregnate herself.

“For many years, I tried rubbing gorilla sperm on my vagina with no success, until I realized I could be a surrogate mother to the animal, using gorilla semen and eggs through in vitro fertilization,” the report quoted Molly as saying to the reporters.

The Sirf News report also explained how Central Africa Eastern Gorilla is critically in danger of extinction, and Molly believed that cross-species hybridization is the only way to save the species.

“I am a proud lesbian and have never had sex with a man in my life. I am pregnant today with the embryo of George’s semen and Camilla’s eggs, two San Diego Zoo gorillas,” the report quoted Molly.

The report also said that PETA activist did not deny allegations that she has had full-on sexual intercourse with the male gorilla after it was revealed that she was fired in 2018 for inappropriate behaviour, however, she said that she did it to help preserve the species and not for sexual gratification.

Interestingly, Sirf News also quoted some experts, who denied the above claims as a hoax and a “physical impossibility”, claiming that the embryo would be rejected by the human host’s immune system.

Not just media outlets, several social media users also shared the screenshot of the news report to claim that PETA activist is carrying the child of a Gorilla so that she can save the species.

A social media user named Woodsy mocked the PETA activist saying that Gorilla did not look very happy.

Did PETA activist impregnate herself with Gorilla’s sperm?

The bizarre news report put out by Sirf News and several social media users that the 23-year-old PETA activist had impregnated herself with the Gorilla’s sperm to conserve the species is not true.

This particular incident was first reported by a satirical website named World News Daily Report (WNDR) earlier this year. In the news report, the WNDR had made exact claims that have been published by Sirf News in its article claiming that Molly Heather had taken hundreds of specimens of semen of the Gorilla while at work and tried to impregnate herself unsuccessfully for many years.

However, as we looked into the report’s authenticity, it was found that the website that had published the above report is a satirical website and the news report is just an art of satire and not a real news.

The news website has published several satirical article in the past as well. Here are some of the satire WNDR has published on its website.

An article published by WNDR recently taking potshots against Saudi Arabia for their stand on homosexuality.

Here is another piece of satirical work by World News Daily Reports.

From the looks of their website, it can be analysed that all the news report they have published is a satire and the news websites like Sirf News seems to have taken the story – ‘PETA activist impregnating herself with Gorilla’s sperms’ from the above website, considering it as an authentic one and have reported the same.

In addition to the above, the real name of the PETA activist, who is featured in the satirical report, is Kirsty Henderson and not Molly Heather, as claimed by the satirical website.

Kirsty Henderson, who works for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, has been part of a campaign to prevent inhumane and profit-oriented treatment of Gorillas in Zoos in the United Kingdom. The PETA activist Henderson has been extremely vocal about the inhuman treatment of the Gorilla inside the Zoo.

Here is a video in which she is seen expressing her concerns regarding the treatment of Gorillas inside the Zoos in the United Kingdom.

Even though she works for the cause of Gorilla, it is not correct to claim that she has impregnated herself with Gorilla’s sperm to save the species from extinction.

Hence, the above claim put out by Sirf News and other social media handles are blatant fake news.

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