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‘Bas**ad, Cham***to, how dare you build Dharamshala, this is our place’: UP court sentences Akram Mustakeen and Sajid for attacking Dalit labourers

“You bas**rd, Cha**atto (casteist slur), how did you get the courage to build a Dharamshala? This is our place!” the convicts had reportedly told the labourers while thrashing them with batons and sticks.

UP: Imam threatens woman who left Islam for Hinduism, says repent to Allah or Muslims will kill her

Several videos of Imam Raees that have gone viral show the Muslim cleric not only sitting beside guns and obscene books but threatening girls converted to Hinduism in the name of Allah.

‘Mosque is a den of adultery’: 23-year-old girl who left Islam to adopt Hinduism accuses her four uncles and a Maulana of gangraping her

The girl stated that she had witnessed the Imam of the Jamiya Masjid located in the Naderbagh area supplying girls and raping them.

Rampur court orders arrest of actress and former MP Jaya Prada after she skips non-bailable warrant for the 7th time

Jaya Prada is said to be ‘absconding’ in two cases related to violation of the code of conduct. Notably, both cases of violation of the code of conduct against her are related to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Uttar Pradesh: Encounter between cattle smugglers and police in Rampur, Zahid lost his life while Bablu injured in leg

An encounter happened between Patwai Police and cattle smugglers in Uttar Pradesh's Rampur.

UP: Yogi govt to seize land worth Rs 100 crore gifted to Azam Khan’s Jauhar University for Rs 100; Akhilesh Yadav claims harassment

Yogi government reclaimed land worth 100 crore granted to Azam Khan's Jauhar University for Rs 100.

Azam Khan, wife, and son Abdullah sentenced to 7 years imprisonment in fake birth certificate case

Both the birth certificates of Abdullah Azam Khan were issued fraudulently and under a pre-planned conspiracy.

Uttar Pradesh: Faheem, Saleem, Yusuf, and Islam arrested for cattle smuggling, all 4 injured in police encounter while trying to escape

The police received a tip regarding the presence of cow smugglers in the Swar region of the city. The police reached the spot to see that the accused had tied a bull to a rope and were taking it somewhere illegally.

Uttar Pradesh: DGM Shakeel Ahmed of Cooperative Bank, Rampur, suspended for violating rules to make interest payments to Azam Khan’s trust

According to the rules, the District Cooperative Bank can neither consider these accounts operated by all three institutions as savings accounts nor can it pay interest to them.

Uttar Pradesh: Maulana brutally beats 7-year-old boy in madarsa over minor issue, throws him out at midnight, case registered in Rampur

The Maulana in the madarsa tied the hands of the minor boy and beat him brutally before throwing him out in the midnight with all his belongings.

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