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rohini singh

‘Tune kiya, tujhe pata nahi hai, par tune kiya’: Anti-Modi lobby credit SRK for the release of 8 Navy veterans from Qatar despite his...

Despite his express denial, the anti-Modi lobby is bent on crediting actor SRK for the diplomatic coup by the India govt to secure the release of 8 Navy officials from Qatar.

‘Many Hussain Obama in India, no need to go to Washington’: Assam CM slams The Wire journalist over suggestion that Assam police should arrest...

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said that there were many thinkers like Obama who needed to be dealt with. He also said that the Assam Police would work according to the set priorities and that would first consider 'taking care' of such thinkers existent in India.

Gujarat results: ‘Liberals’ who rant and rave day in, day out about ‘democracy in danger’ observe radio silence as BJP charts a historic win

A sense of dismay and grief seemed to have gripped many left-leaning 'liberals' as BJP scripted a historic win in Gujarat.

Lucknow: Brawl between two student groups leads to death of 18-year-old Ansh Tiwari, usual suspects spread fake news, read details

Youth killed after a fight between two student groups in Lucknow, three booked as per complaint by family

Ex J&K DGP ups his meme game after being attacked by ‘liberals’, Islamists for sharing a meme on Nobel Prize

Following Times Magazine article naming Md Zubair and Pratik Sinha as shortlisted candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize, ex-J&K DGP shared a meme that triggered 'journalist' Rohini Singh.

Four Muslim youth arrested over namaz inside Lulu Mall: How the usual suspects in media spread fake news to malign Hindus

Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Rohini Singh, and RJ Sayema were among those who peddled fake news over Lulu Mall namaz row.

Journalist Rohini Singh displays her ignorance, claims the evidence of ancient Indian knowledge is ‘WhatsApp information’

Rohini Singh terms Karnatana govt teaching ancient Indian knowledge on various subjects is 'WhatsApp information'

Targeted killings of Hindus in Kashmir: The Left blames everyone, including a movie, except Islamic terrorism

Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Rohini Singh, and other leftist propagandists have blamed everything for the targeted killings of Hindus in Kashmir except Islamic terrorism

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