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The elevation of Yogi Adityanath to the seat of Chief Minister of India's most populous state ruffled many feathers and it's hardly surprising that they are throwing everything at him in the desperate hope that something will stick.
'Liberals' decide to switch loyalties to another airline after Air Vistara feels honoured to have Major Gen G D Bakshi onboard
Rohini Singh, who is notoriously known for her propaganda, along with her colleague Prashant Kanojia, has yet again posted fake news to target the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.
Other than Congress leader, the photoshopped image was shared by numerous other people, it was retweeted by propagandist Rohini Singh of The Wire and was also picked up Pakistani media
Selected stories of the day for your evening reading.
Rohini Singh commented on Akshay Kumar's Canadian citizenship, but she herself works for a publication run by an American Citizen
Aseem's father, Khaleel Ahmed, is a farmer by profession
Exploiting the Amritsar train tragedy, Rajdeep and other journalists spread lies about the incident to indict the central government
Journalists got schooled on the difference between lawyer representing the case and the ones named in a vakalatnama.
With the race to 2019 general elections heating up and 5 states heading to polls before 2019, the media seems to be in overdrive
The Bihar shelter home case has been used by politicians and journalists to settle political scores
Kejriwal spreads lies, once again and the journalists fan them.
They claimed present Home Minister and NSA are responsible for threats to PM's life that were reported during the UPA regime
Perhaps The Wire should try delving into facts, rather than being political hitmen
The Wire seems to have a penchant for misrepresentation and lies
Many journalists who are calling the clamp down on fake news 'draconian' have themselves indulged in fake news.
Rahul Gandhi Defence League to the rescue!
The court deemed that three legal prerequisites had been fulfilled to restore the gag
High Court observed that team Wire showed lack of motivation to argue case on merits
It was Siddharth Varadarajan who once threatened the public's right to know
Basic errors? or malafide intent?

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