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Targeted killings of Hindus in Kashmir: The Left blames everyone, including a movie, except Islamic terrorism

With the increase in the targeted attack against Hindus in Kashmir, the propagandists belonging to the Left have resorted to blaming 'The Kashmir Files', the Modi government, and sundry other things except for the root cause: Islamic terrorism.

Kashmir is in the throes of targeted killings, with Islamic terrorists singling out and murdering Kashmiri Hindus and non-native Hindus living in the Valley. As per official data, over 16 people have died in targeted killings, including police officials, teachers and sarpanch.

With the frequency of the attacks increasing, the Hindus in Kashmir are compelled to reconsider their decision to stay in the Valley even as Islamic terrorists continue with their ethnic-cleansing exercise. The Islamic terrorists have not only claimed responsibility for the recent spate of targeted killings of Hindus but have also warned of similar attacks in future.

The security assessment by intelligence agencies also points toward an increase in the targeted attacks in the coming days. The grim situation in Kashmir reminded the Hindus of the Kashmiri Pandits’ exodus in the 1990s when Islamic terrorism forced thousands and lakhs of indigenous Hindus to leave their decades and perhaps centuries-old homes and seek refuge in other safer parts of the country.

However, for some, the recent spate of gruesome violence unleashed against Hindus in Kashmir has brought with it an opportunity to further their petty political agenda, even if that means trampling upon the concerns harboured by Hindus and whitewashing the culprits responsible for this predicament.

The usual suspects use the plight of Hindus in Kashmir to further the Left’s propaganda

Arfa Khanum Shervani, a journalist with the far-left propaganda portal TheWire, recently posted a tweet holding everyone responsible for the plight of Hindus in Kashmir except their perpetrators: Islamic terrorists.

In a tweet posted in Hindi, Shervani went on to blame even the makers of the recent blockbuster ‘The Kashmir Files’, a movie that chronicles the atrocities faced by Kashmiri Hindus in the Valley and their subsequent exodus in the 1990s, but not the Islamic terrorists and Jihadis who forced them to leave Kashmir in the first place.

Kashmir Hindus
Source: Twitter

Sherwani’s colleague, Rohini Singh, another journalist working with TheWire, also mocked the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits to score political brownie points against their ideological opponents. In a tweet, Singh made light of the atrocities and targeted killings endured by Hindus in Kashmir and alleged that the recent exodus by them is not migration but an attempt to find people who were pained after watching ‘The Kashmir Files’ and had lent their support to the Kashmiri Hindus.

Source: Twitter

Clearly, TheWire journalists Rohini Singh and Arfa Khanum Sherwani appear to have no sympathy for the Hindus who have been assassinated in dastardly attacks in Kashmir and the continued threats the remaining Hindus face. For them, the targeted attacks against Hindus are nothing but yet another opportunity to ridicule their opponents, including the makers and supporters of ‘The Kashmir Files’, because the movie presented unvarnished truth about the rampancy of Islamic terrorism in Kashmir.

Then, there were other usual suspects who blamed everyone and everything for the violence in Kashmir but Islamic terrorism. Ironically, the same lot feels no qualms in caterwauling about perceived “Hindu terror” even when the evidence suggests the contrary.

Kashmir Hindus
Source: Twitter

Controversial journalist and donation-fraud accused Rana Ayyub also could not bring herself to blame the menace of Islamic terrorism for the current predicament of minority Hindus in the Muslim-majority Kashmir. Instead, she used a broad brush to hold the entire country responsible for the recent strings of targeted killings in Kashmir.

Kashmir Hindus
Source: Twitter

The Left’s yearslong propaganda to shield Islamic terrorism in the Valley

For the first time in over three decades, an honest attempt in the form of ‘The Kashmir Files’ brought to the silver screen the trials and tribulations faced by the minority Kashmiri Pandits in the Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir. This had, predictably, raised the hackles of the left-liberal intelligentsia, who has for years engaged in the pursuit of whitewashing Islamic terrorism and pinning the blame of the exodus on the policies implemented by New Delhi.

The left-leaning liberals revelled in this kind of self-flagellation because it not only passed the buck of the Kashmiri Pandit exodus on the faceless administration but it also shielded the insidious Islamic terrorism, for it would have debunked their claim that Kashmir is a political problem and not a religious one. The recent spate of killings in Kashmir has its roots in Islamic supremacism, which advocates the supremacy of Islam and considers followers of all other religions, especially Hinduism, as kafirs and therefore deserving of nothing short of death.

The left-leaning liberals’ reticence in calling out Islamic terrorism in Kashmir stems from sharing the same ideological moorings

Terrorists and jihadis, intoxicated over the belief of Islamic supremacism, have launched well-planned attacks against Hindus in Kashmir to deter other Hindus from visiting the Valley and threatening the existing ones to leave Kashmir immediately. The liberals won’t call out the jihadist mentality that is powering the current orgy of violence in Kashmir because they share their ideological moorings with the Islamists. Unmitigated hatred for Hindus and Hinduism forms the cornerstone of ideological beliefs for both Islamists and left-leaning liberals.

This common ground is why, over the years, the left-leaning liberals have deceitfully tried to conceal this truth by blaming New Delhi and successive governments at the Centre for the festering problem in Kashmir. In fact, many liberals have even held Hindus, the victims of Islamic terrorism, responsible for the violence that has gripped the Valley.

The threats faced by Kashmiri Hindus since the 1990s have not receded one bit. They continue to exist and manifest themselves periodically in the repeated attacks against Amarnath pilgrims, terror attacks against Armed Forces, and targeted killings of Hindus as witnessed recently. But admitting to the ubiquity of Islamic terrorism would be ideologically catastrophic for the liberals as it would vindicate Hindus who have been insisting for years that the Kashmiri Pandit exodus is a result of rising Islamism in the Valley.

Mocking ‘The Kashmir Files’, blaming the Centre for the Kashmir crisis: An age-old method by the Left to deflect criticism and shield Islamic terrorism

However, for the detractors like Arfa Khanum Sherwani and Rohini Singh, who are still stung by ‘The Kashmir Files’ for exposing their meticulously crafted propaganda on Kashmir, and nurse pathological hatred toward PM Modi and the BJP, every untoward incident in the Valley is an occasion to ridicule the movie and lambast the Centre to undermine their credibility and deflect the criticism away from the actual cause: Islamic terrorism.

The makers and supporters of ‘The Kashmir Files’ never claimed that the movie would serve to end the violence that has become endemic to Kashmir. Instead, they asserted that the film was a medium to bring forth the scourge of Islamic terrorism faced by Kashmiri Hindus that the liberals and their political allies have shamefully brushed under the rug.

As the Islamic terrorism in Kashmir once again rears its ugly head, the left-liberal gang is busy taking potshots at their political and ideological opponents, instead of grasping the nettle and calling out the menace of Jihadis that ails Kashmir.

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