Saturday, April 10, 2021


Security Agencies

Brouhaha over nothing: Why security cover to Arnab is justified

There is logical as well as legal basis for providing security cover to Arnab Goswami.

Trolls and journalists make light of terror threat to Arnab Goswami

Jealous journalists and trolls of political parties showed no concern for terror threat that Arnab Goswami reportedly faces.

Paranoia or Propaganda? Analyzing the latest outbursts of Julio Ribeiro

The former police officer has written yet another article that plays on rhetoric and ignores facts.

The Reason behind why Vadra is still on ‘No-frisking list’ & why he may lose the status soon

Why is it taking so long to remove the name of Robert Vadra from the no-frisking lists at airports

What do Indian journalists know that the Coast Guard doesn’t?

As soon as the news about a Pakistani boat being destroyed was broken, some journalists started casting aspersions on defense personnel.

ISIS supporting Indian Muslim @ShamiWitness had predicted Islamist attack on Australia

@ShamiWitness had predicted that Australia will soon see its radicalized Muslim citizens taking revenge against the government.

Dawood Ibrahim could have been killed, but his friends in Congress saved him?

RAW, in association with security agencies of Israel, had finalized a plan to kill Dawood Ibrahim in 2013, but the plan was aborted.

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