Saturday, May 21, 2022



Dear Feminism In India, please stop, the ‘people with vulva’ are embarrassed

There is more to feminism than reducing us to sexual life and organs - and please stop calling us 'people with vulva'

Woman who sparked outrage with post on ‘mother and child sexuality’ is back with ‘BDSM for beginners’ workshop: Details

'Intimacy coach' Pallavi Barnwal will conduct a BDSM workshop for people who wish to have a taste of the lifestyle.

German pedo project: How a psychologist manipulated courts to keep children in homes of paedophile men in a state endorsed ‘experiment’

A report reveals the horrors of Berlin-state Senate sanctioned experiment of granting the custody of homeless children to paedophile men.

Purushartha means manhood? Dear Liberals, it’s time you rise above your mickey

It goes on to show that the elitists in The Telegraph are so detached from the cultural ethos of the Indian nation that they fail spectacularly to translate even a word as well known as 'Purushartha'.

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