Saturday, October 23, 2021



‘Where the sun don’t shine’: Terrorist organisation Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) releases a new map of ‘Khalistan’, gets mocked

SFJ has released a new map of Khalistan, including large swaths of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, besides subsuming Haryana, Himachal Pradesh

Pro-Khalistan group offers million dollars to anyone who stops PM Modi from unfurling Indian national flag on Red Fort on Independence Day

Pro-Khalistan banned group also vowed to annex part of Delhi as 'Khalistan' and unfurl the so-called Khalistan flag atop Red Fort

NIA files charge sheet against 6 SFJ members for hoisting Khalistani flag on administrative building in Punjab on Independence Day eve

The SFJ leaders had made payments to its members for successfully hoisting a Khalistani flag atop a government building in Punjab

Banned Khalistani outfit SFJ confesses to their hand in Red Fort attack, announces reward for laying siege on Indian Parliament on February 1

Khalistani terror organisation SFJ has announced a reward of $350,000 for those who wave Khalistani flags at the Parliament

1500 vehicles of protesters from Punjab to reach Delhi to replenish the tired demonstrators: Here is what the report says

Reportedly, a convoy of 1,500 vehicles from 1000 villages of Punjab is about to reach the location of the ongoing farmers protest

Nobody turns up after Khalistanis call to shut down Indian Embassy in London, instead, handful show up to support Naxal Stan Swamy

Khalistani SFJ had called for shutting down of Indian diplomatic missions in foreign countries to extend support to the farmers' protest

NIA files charge-sheet against 16 foreign-based Khalistani terrorists of Sikhs For Justice in ‘Referendum-2020’ case

The NIA has filed a charge-sheet in a special court in Delhi against 16 Khalistani terrorists, who currently operate from foreign soil in connection with plotting conspiracy against India by launching a concerted secessionist campaign under the banner of ‘Referendum 2020’ for creation of 'Khalistan'.

Pro-Khalistan group Sikhs for Justice threatens to ‘shut down’ Indian consulates on December 10 in support of farmer protests

SFJ's Gurpatwant Singh Pannun has stated that the Khalistanis have been emboldened by Canadian PM's Justin Trudeau's support and British Labour MPs.

Door-to-door campaign luring Sikhs, grant of $1 million to protesting farmers, pro-Khalistan slogans now: SFJ tentacles analysed

The farmer protest started in September, and in that month itself, Khalistan org SFJ had started spreading its tentacles

Pro-Khalistani group Sikhs for Justice launches recruitment drive in India for ‘Referendum 2020’

The Khalistani group plans to recruit 1000 ambassadors for Referendum 2020 who will be provided with a monthly stipend of Rs 7,500

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