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"Why did they organise an event in Karachi in the first place when Pakistani artistes have been banned after Uri attacks", asked actress Kangana Ranaut over Shabana Azmi calling for a halt in the cultural exchange between the two countries.
She was allegedly called vulgar and insulting to Islam
Maharashtra Chief Minister's wife sings to save Mumbai rivers
Some used movie dialogues written by him, against him
The Bombay High Court had imposed the ban on 1st September
The singer cannot take this one 'head'-on
All began over a post on Facebook supporting Sonu's stance
RIP secularism. RIP liberalism. RIP intellectualism.
Sonu Nigam today voluntarily shaved off his head after a Maulvi issued a fatwa demanding the same
A West Bengal Maulavi had announced a prize of 10 lakh rupees for shaving off Sonu Nigam’s head.
Sonu Nigam's opinion on Azaan being played on loudspeakers has irked a few people

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