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The comedian could be seen apologizing profusely in the video for his offensive jokes against Hinduism. It has gone viral on social media and has garnered 108 thousand views thus far.
Aditi Mittal has been championing the cause of #MeToo on social media
The MeToo movement has gripped India and many celebrities are being outed
A journalist named Rukmini Sen has alleged that India Today's Supriya Sen had used the worst kind of verbal and sexist insult on her.
Utsav also appeared to downplay the allegations against him by asserting that it was only 'online behaviour'.
I don't appreciate being lectured by people who cover up for sexual predators.
Many women claimed that other stand up comics knew of the allegations, but still continued working with these.
The left will never call out its own. Women be damned. Victims be damned. Ideals be damned.
While you played by the rulebook, they never had any rules.
Indian stand up comedians and their ignorance bordering on propaganda
The next level of political propaganda.

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