Wednesday, August 10, 2022



As ED detains Sanjay Raut, here is why netizens are tagging ‘comedian’ Kunal Kamra and asking him if he’s ok

Kunal Kamra had even said that he wanted to see Sanjay Raut as the President of India.

‘Kut*i has ruined Islam’: Islamists abuse actor Hina Khan for posting pictures in swimsuit

Hina Khan has drawn the wrath of radical Islamists on her social media account after she posted her picture in a monokini swimwear on the Abu Dhabi beach where she has currently been holidaying

‘Eminent journalist’ Ravish Kumar trolls fellow ‘eminent journalist’ Rajdeep Sardesai, calls him a shopkeeper

Ravish Kumar accused Rajdeep Sardesai, and majority media, of trying to do 'balancing' when there is none

Farah Khan and her kids attacked by Islamists for performing a puja

Earlier too many celebrities have been trolled by Islamist fundamentalists for celebrating Hindu festivals and traditions.

Ludhiana teen Jhanvi Behal who challenged JNU’s Kanhaiya Kumar files police complaint for cyberstalking

She was mercilessly trolled on the Internet in 2016 for having an opinion

Islamists attack Aamir Khan for playing with his daughter and posting food pictures during Ramzan

This is not the first time fundamentalists have attacked celebrities

Actor Hina Khan asked to ‘dress appropriately’ during Ramzan

This is not the first time Muslim fundamentalists have moral policed celebrities.

Famous Bengali presenter Mir Afsar Ali abused for equating his father with Allah

Mir Ali had written 'My father.. My Allah' on Facebook for his father, which was alleged as being against Islam.

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