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The ‘right’ and ‘left’ of sexual harassment victims and perpetrators in India

In all likelihood, this article will be mocked at by the left cabal as well, because for them, 'Sanghis' cannot raise voice against women's sexual abuse because only they have monopoly on it. That is where the problem lies. For 'Sanghis' abuse is abuse, for 'liberals', 'Sanghis' deserve it for 'being fascist enablers'.

Former BJP MP writes tribute for Vinod Dua, says Dua was not fearless but a part of the establishment

In his tribute letter, Balbir Punj stated that Vinod Dua's journalism during the last years of his life was heavily influenced by an ideology that was not directed towards the pursuit of truth and that Vinod Dua's biased views took control of his journalism.

‘Meet when you have balls’: Screenshot of Vinod Dua fighting with Prannoy roy goes viral after former’s demise, here is the story behind it

In 2013, Vinod Dua took to Facebook to attack Prannoy Roy of NDTV and accused him of ruining his career as political journalist.

Veteran journalist Vinod Dua passes away after surviving COVID-19, was accused of #MeToo

Vinod Dua was unwell after he caught COVID earlier this year and had since been keeping unwell

As Vinod Dua becomes ‘critically unwell’, here is what he said about using flowery language for the dead

After the death of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Vinod Dua said effusive obituaries for the former PM of India was “hypocrisy” as no one spoke ill of the dead

Journalists spread rumours about ‘me too’ accused Vinod Dua’s death, daughter clarifies he is still alive in the ICU

Mallika Dua, daughter of ailing TV personality Vinod Dua, has refuted rumours that her father has passed away.

‘Anti-terrorism measure, no signboard’: Read why police went knocking on The Wire’s door ahead of 15th August

The Wire editor Siddharth Varadarajan claims that the office of the media portal was visited by a policeman on Friday.

When Vinod Dua spewed venom against PM Modi even when he was hospitalised

Venom-spewing "journalist" Vinod Dua had talked against PM Modi even when he was hospitalized in March 2021

Vinod Dua’s daughter, who wanted all ‘bhakts’ dead, receives help from a ‘bhakt’ MP while her mother needed critical COVID medicines

BJP supporters lodged their protest about minister chipping in to help the elites in India, when commoners are equally suffering, especially when the elites have not asked for their help.

HW News Network: The digital news outfit facing I-T probe with expenses eleven times the revenue and mysterious source of fund

While the revenue of Theo Connect that owns the HW News was just Rs 54 lakh in the year 2018-19, its expenses were Rs 3.23 crores

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