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Swaraj Express, an online media portal, aired an exit poll of elections in a gross violation of Election Commission regulations.
Mallika Dua unblocks Sona Mohapatra to taunt her and shame the victim who had accused her father of molestation, and then blocks her again
Ravish Kumar of NDTV is a man known for many lows. But this may well be his lowest point.
External committee set up to probe sexual harassment charges against Vinod Dua dissolved itself after he refused to cooperate
HW News says that Vinod Dua made an episode of his show based on a 3:20 minute clip of the 50 minute interview
Vinod Dua's attempt to discredit the NDA government led by Prime Minister Modi by using a doctored video is not surprising as Dua has a track record of resorting to this sort of unethical and shoddy journalism to target the BJP.
Another woman had accused Vinod Dua of sexual harassment as well, however, after these multiple allegations, The Wire's internal committee report, if there was one, was never made public.
Victim says she didn't speak up earlier as she thought Dua was on her side, on the Left's side
Earlier, Dua had brazened it out by insinuating that the allegations are to divert attention from "real questions"
The Wire's Vinod Dua, accused of sexual harassment, commented about his own involvement, and it was shocking.
The cesspool just gets deeper and dirtier because tribalism demands the blood of reasons.
Nishtha Jain says how impartial investigation is possible when Vinod Dua is still part of The Wire
He appealed the people who are accusing him to not derail the movement by fake charges
The lady who accused Vinod Dua of sexual harassment has also responded to Mallika Dua's statement
She even accused him of humiliating her during the job interview
Even if the rock is not there, these folks, if given their way, will create a waterfall.
The “gloom and doom” scenario of India that has been consistent in Dua’s views are farcical at best.
Vinod Dua is a veteran journalist who works with the propaganda website, 'The Wire'
Mr Dua does not disappoint in the 'curtain raiser' itself
The litany of lies and misrepresentations never stop
Their contention was not only misleading, but factually incorrect.

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