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Debraj B

Debraj is a strategy and digital transformation consultant, has been with leading consulting organizations globally, and currently a Senior Director with a technology giant. He harbors a keen interest in policy making and economy, and has written for few leading online publications in India. He writes on primarily topics pertaining to GoI policies in infrastructure, commerce, textile, and more.

The grand ‘Viksit Bharat’ dream for 2047 – How the third Modi government will work on a well-rounded, concerted plan for a developed India

As deliberations within GoI commenced on detailing an action plan for ‘Viksit Bharat 2047’ more than 2 years back, the Council of Ministers deliberated upon a ‘Whole of Government’ approach towards the vision document

Modi government empowering women: Read about how PM Modi has ushered economic development and health-related improvement in the lives of women

Guiding principles of Naari Shakti has pivoted present-day Central government to focus on women empowerment

Healthcare transformation in India: From focus on preventive healthcare, infrastructure development to innovative technology integration

Indian Government has taken noteworthy strides in the realm of healthcare. “Health for All” has been the guiding mantra behind the transformation.

Infrastructure revolution: From the 2nd largest road network in the world to soaring civil aviation, how 9 years of Modi govt has transformed India

For the world’s largest democracy, its ‘New Deal’ moment has probably arrived now. India, with its labyrinth of rural and urban roads, ports, and airports, has had a steady development of its infrastructure since independence.

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