Friday, May 14, 2021


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End of fiscal fear mongering? United Nations predicts 7.6% growth for Indian Economy in 2018-2019

The United Nations said India with 7.5 percent growth rate, will be the fastest economy in the world.

IMF report pegs India to be the fastest growing major economy in 2018 with a 7.4% growth rate

This is not the first time an International organisation has reposed faith in "Modi's India"

Modi government’s Aadhaar endeavor applauded by World Bank

India has considerably reduced the gender gap in providing access to financial services

India to grow at 7.3% this year, fastest through Asia, reports World Bank

This perhaps comes as a major blow to the opposition that termed demonetisation as a draconian step

Pakistan approaches the World Bank over Kishanganga hydro-project on Neelum river

Pakistan is alleging India of carrying our 'water aggression' and building dams to restrict water flow to Pakistan

World Bank projects 7.3% GDP growth for India in the next fiscal

India's growth has been steady stable, diversified and resilient, says the World Bank

Politicians, journalists and economists use jobs data of UPA regime to spread false propaganda about Modi regime

Far from criticising Modi, the  draft report by  World Bank criticises the jobs data of Manmohan Singh led UPA itself.

How lies about World Bank ‘reviewing’ Ease of Doing Business ranking of India were spread

Comments by an economist and an article by a 'think tank' were twisted to target Modi government

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