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The enemy within – how the out of power ‘ecosystem’ is trying desperately to get back

India has fought four big wars in its 70 years of independence. One with China and three with Pakistan. The reasons for war were mainly territorial, and cross border aggression was duly met with the valour of our forces.

While the outcome of each war was different, there was an identifiable enemy in sight. Thus, clear and concrete strategies could be devised. These wars were fought within a short time frame and the country limped back to normalcy after each war.

The war this time is different. The absence of an external enemy makes it more sinister and the task at hand more difficult. At 3 years, this is the longest war India has ever fought. The enemies can be easily identified, but unfortunately no action can be taken against them, for these enemies do not come from across the border. They fester within the country and gnaw at it from within.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) and its ecosystem had spent the better part of the period 2002 to 2014, going after one man. Having failed miserably, this attack, directed at him, has seamlessly transformed into an attack on the nation.

It is almost as if they believe that a nation which is not governed by them deserves to be destroyed from within. An analogy can be made here with acid attackers, who disfigure the women they desire. Unable to get them, they ensure that the women are destroyed and pay for the mistake of rejecting them. Currently it would seem that India is paying the price for rejecting the GOP.

Very soon into Modi’s tenure, the bogey of Church attacks was created. That this was done prior to the elections in Delhi was indicative of the agenda. Predictably the attacks died down soon after the elections. In some cases, pure mischief mongering in reporting by media had been proven too.

Riding on these attacks came the Intolerance bogey. Stalwarts from civil society lined up to return their ill-gotten awards. Not to mention sob stories by Film stars about the rising intolerance and its impact on spousal well-being.

Soon after that, farmer agitations were encouraged to stall the Land Acquisition Bill, which was predicted to have a far-reaching impact on infrastructure and manufacturing. One of these agitations organised by AAP led to the death of a farmer Gajendra Singh. Senior AAP leaders including Arvind Kejriwal were all present at the site but for reasons best known to them, they could not prevent Gajendra Singh from lunging to a completely futile death.

Next came the ‘student’ agitations. JNU saw the Bharat tere tukde honge performances, cheer led by the likes of Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Yechury, and Lutyens media. A truly shameful episode in the history of this country where for the first time Breaking India forces found open support among the intelligentsia in the garb of Freedom of Expression.

Simultaneously, there has been an ongoing attempt to incite Dalits and exploit caste fault lines. The Rohit Vemula episode saw a relentless hounding of Smriti Irani. Once again, politics of voyeurism was witnessed as Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and the likes thronged to agitations organised for allegedly “bringing justice” to Rohit Vemula.

Like Church attacks before Delhi elections, Dalit attacks were seen to rise before elections in Bihar and UP, and miraculously ebbed once the elections were done with. Though some in the media are religiously, nay, castesistly, pursuing it without interruption.

How insidious this attempt to exploit the fault lines is, can be gauged from the fact that the same bleeding hearts who feign to care about Dalits don’t mind supporting agitations by Marathas protesting against the SC/ST act. Suddenly the OBCs, who are referred to as ‘upper castes’ or ‘dabang’ when news about atrocities on Dalits are concerned, become weak and vulnerable when they hit the roads demanding reservations – be it Patels in Gujarat, or Jats in Haryana and Rajasthan. There is just one mission – exploit the fault lines at any cost.

Kashmir has been on a boil ever since BJP formed government with PDP. Attacks from across the border also curiously seem to increase every time GOP is not in power. That the Vajpayee led government had to face a war in Kargil does not seem like a happy coincidence any longer. This is further corroborated when you see Congress leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyer implore Pakistan to remove Modi and get them back to power. Not to mention his recent, highly public dalliances with the Hurriyyat leaders.

Not to be satisfied with merely attacking the government of the day, attacks on the Army have been initiated by the same ecosystem.

Initially it was done by dressing it up as concern for the Army. There was an underhand attempt to politicise the Army through OROP where AAP affiliated cadre openly incited some among the forces to rebel against the Government’s offer. In spite of resolving OROP, the government was painted as anti-soldier.

But perhaps they soon realised that it’s not easy to paint the government as anti-soldier or anti-army, so it’s better to attack the army itself.

Soon, opposition and its cohorts in media were seen standing up for the human rights of stone pelters as opposed to the safety of our forces in Kashmir. The attempt to demonize the Army reached its crescendo when a certain publication even went to the extent of comparing the Army Chief with General Dyer of Jallianwallah Bagh massacre fame!

The insidious agenda does not end here. After exploiting caste and religion fault lines to further their agenda, appallingly, attempts are now being made to encourage States to break away from India. One of these is in the form of Dravidanadu, which calls for Southern States to break away from India. Though it is more of an online activity right now, what is worrying is that Indian Youth Congress leaders are espousing the cause of this break-away group.

Rahul Gandhi is incidentally the Chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress and is known to take keen interest in its functioning. How ironic is it that this is the same political party that attempts to appropriate the freedom struggle at every available opportunity!

Last but not the least, we come to Farmer agitations across the country. Strangely enough, most of these agitations are happening in BJP ruled states. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh are in the throes of agitations even as this is being written. Predictably in Mandasaur, Madhya Pradesh, there is an increasing evidence of the involvement Congress cadres and leaders. Ironically, when it comes to non- BJP ruled states like Tamil Nadu, one witnesses them agitating in New Delhi, again raising anti-BJP slogans while giving their own State governments a free pass!

To the discerning, it is quite evident that there is a deep- rooted conspiracy to create unrest across the length and the breadth of the country employing multiple avenues. It can be recalled that Congress leader in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge had warned of an ensuing “Raktapaat” (bloodshed) if BJP attempted to amend the Constitution.

Rahul Gandhi has also been caught on record giving an exact number of 22000 people (bizarre as it may sound) dying due to BJP coming to power.

The current scenario seems to be playing out to a script. There is a fear among many right- thinking people that an attempt is underway to create unrest, with an eye on 2019. Parallels are being drawn to 2002, where conspirators of the Godhra carnage had Congress connection, and Congress cadres were involved even in subsequent riots. A second term to Modi will be a bloody blow to the partly vanquished and they are fighting tooth and nail to prevent it from happening.

It increasingly seems that an electorally irrelevant opposition backed by a chaffed media is paying you back for 2014. Unfortunately, the strongest Army is powerless against the enemy within. But thankfully a Democracy offers its citizens a far stronger and much more lethal weapon.

Elections 2019 are less than 24 months away. India is watching.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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