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Dear ‘liberals’, hate us, thats all you can do, but spare our babies

Perhaps the most divine and the most sensitive time in a woman’s life is when she is expecting a child. Our hormones shimmy around all over the place and most pregnant women enter the realm of paranoia when it comes to the well being on the unborn child. She is said to be the vessel of humanity. Carrying the divine within her womb. Perhaps nothing is more godly, than a mother creating life from scratch. Her entire life, wrapped up in that little infant she carries within. 

I remember when I was pregnant not too long ago and towards the end, owing to certain complication, I was bed ridden for over a month. Everyday, I felt like a part of me was dying is despair. Not because I thought myself as ill, but because I was counting minutes till my baby could be born, and I would know for certain that my angel was fine.

Shefali Vaidya today shared her pregnancy experience. She was carrying triplets, and owing to complications, she was bed ridden during the later part of her pregnancy. In an emotional thread, she shared how when she was 25 weeks pregnant, she was told her babies have a 30% chance of survival. Her struggle was immense, as would any mother’s be. She got through it owing to her unwavering faith in Guru Nanak, her prayers, a mother’s will to fight for her child’s wellbeing, and listening to a soulful rendition of Jana Gana Mana.

The moment she wrote that thread, the ‘liberal’ cabal went after her like a pack of wolves. Mocking her mercilessly. Tirelessly. Relentlessly. Calling her a liar. An attention seeker.

A “Sanghi bhakt” who was making stories up about the life of her children just to get famous on social media. the ‘liberals’ even went as far as to say that she wouldn’t have been mocked had she been more “credible” and not a bhakt.

At the crux of it all, a mother sharing an emotional story about her pregnancy struggle was ridiculed because they didn’t really like her political ideology.

I was reminded of the time when I was 7 months pregnant and a lady took the liberty of wishing “I delivered an abnormal child and jail and bleed to death”. Or someone wondering if I might die of Preeclampsia. And it is no surprise, that the lady who wished death on my child and me, is still one of the darlings of the left liberal cabal on social media.

Shefali was subjected to ridicule of the worst kind. Political banter, abuses, threats is something the women on the right have learnt to deal with. Learnt to sail through and never expect the “oh, poor baby”. We scream if needed. We block if we want. We stand up and make ourselves heard. No matter what the price is.

It thus seems evident, that the cabal seems to have realised, that the only way to break the women they don’t particularly like, is to go after their kids. That corner of their heart, that is the most vulnerable. Their children.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said in their political and ideological hate, nothing is off limits. To these despicable men and women, nothing is sacred. They would hunt down anyone who dares to speak against their ideology of hate. Anyone who can remotely threaten the tangled web they weave with the help of which, they climb the political ladder. In their bid to please the establishment, the close coterie of left ‘liberals’, they can walk over graves. Not even a mother’s emotions is sacred to vultures who wouldn’t mind counting dead bodies, if it meant climbing equal number of steps in the power ladder.

It amuses and pains me, at the same time, that it is these people who have the temerity to talk about women’s rights and women’s empowerment. They have the temerity to accuse others of misogyny and sexism. When what they do, what they have done today, doesn’t stop at just misogyny and sexism, but borders on sacrilege.

The cabal has an uncanny ability to make heroes out of the women they think politically convenient, and make villains out of the ones they don’t. While yesterday, a woman normalising rape and glorifying misogyny by saying “Why would Rahul Gandhi rape when he can get any woman he wants”, was applauded by members of the cabal including the usual Congressmen and the likes of Prashant Bhushan, today, a woman is being viciously abused and her children brutally mocked for her ordeal as a pregnant woman.

Blog by Sadhavi Khosla, a Congress supporter. This portion now stands deleted in her blog.
Prashant Bhushan endorsing Sadhavi’s post which encourages rape culture

I, as a woman, as the “liberals” this – Do they realise their own hypocrisy while they partake in movements like #MeToo? Do they realise that the abysmal lows they seem to have travelled to see nothing wrong in abusing a woman talking about her premature children who battled the gods just to keep breathing? Do they see the ugliness in what their political hatred has turned into? Is nothing sacred? Even the life of children? No wonder many of us do not wish to share happiness on this platform, because people have a way to turn that into ugliness as well.

While what happened with Shefali today makes me sick to my stomach, I know this – while the liberals might use a woman’s motherhood and vulternabilities to lash out at her out of ideological hate, they fail to realise the strength a woman draws from her children. They fail to realise, that a woman who fought through a time like that, can weather through pretty much anything. You, dear despicables, won’t weaken the women you seem to take so much pleasure in hounding. You will only make them stronger. They will survive, they will triumph, they will conquer and they will live on. There is just nothing you can possibly do about it.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Nupur J Sharma
Nupur J Sharma
Editor-in-Chief, OpIndia.

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