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AltNews co-founder caught lying again, forced to apologize by alert social media users

Fake news is a real menace in this world of quick reportage and paid propaganda. Amidst it all, a leftist portal called AltNews had proclaimed itself to be a ‘Fact Checker’. As it turns out, AltNews turned out to be just another leftist rag with a severe bias. We reported a few days ago how one of their co-founders who runs a Facebook account called “susu swamy” was caught spreading fake news about BS Yeddyurappa

Of course, the founders of AltNews don’t stop just at spreading fake news. They also vilify people personally, specially (and probably one) the ones who don’t agree with their political preferences and ideology. Recently, AltNews founder Pratik Sinha went after Rahul Roushan, who runs OpIndia.com, targeted him personally and outed his personal details in tweets which many social media users deemed to be similar to veiled threats. Rahul Roushan hit back in a stinging article that was posted on his personal blog.

Further, Ms. Dimple Kaul found Pratik Sinha of AltNews checking her LinkedIn profile and had said he has been cyber stalking her.

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Considering the patrons of AltNews indulge in first finding out and then outing personal details, we can’t say Ms. Kaul’s fears are completely misplaced.

The above may suggest that AltNews co-founders are very adept at cyber-sleuthing and investigating details online. But it appears, this expertise is reserved only to target ideological opponents. Yesterday, the co-founder of AltNews, ‘SuSu Swamy’ was caught lying again. Yes, ironical considering they claim to run a “fact check” website.

We took a video of the Facebook post, assuming it would be later deleted and we didn’t want to be ‘accused of photoshopping’ which seems to be the go to excuse of the liberal.

Soon, after Mr. Susu Swamy had peddled his lie, his own followers called him out. Again, ironic but unsurprising.

The video uploaded by Mr. Susu was actually a video of Mumbai Maratha Kranti Morcha at JJ Flyover.

Mr. Susu soon deleted his Facebook post and updated it with verifiable information (finally).

What perhaps needs to be noted is, this wasn’t a momentarily lapse in judgement. This wasn’t a novice retweeting or sharing something because he didn’t know better. This was an alleged fact checker taking the time out to deliberately, with purpose seek an unrelated video out, download it, and then upload it on his own Social Media account with a news that caters to his ideological whims. Was this deliberate action, a deliberate lie which was deleted only because his own followers called him out? Otherwise, who knows how far and wide a lie could have been carried. Because who would doubt a self anointed fact checker?

Perhaps if AltNews devoted some time to fact checking their own posts themselves, rather than digging put personal information and slandering ‘ideological opponents’, they could avoid such embarrassing gaffes. Oh what a tangled web they weave, when they first practice to deceive.

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