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Police calls out media house for publishing an old story on caste discrimination in Hamirpur

A report from August 2017 was published yesterday as if a new incident has taken place. Hamirpur Police calls it out.

Jansatta, a Hindi publication of the Indian Express group yesterday published a report claiming that upper caste people were conducting an ‘Akhand Ramayan’ path in a village in Hamirpur and hence, for ten days, people belonging to the Dalit community are not allowed to come out of their houses.

Jansatta report from 29th October 2018

Taking a cue from Jansatta, NewsX, as well as InKhabar, carried reports basing their stories on “reports”.

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The Jansatta article cites a News18 report for the base of the story which claims that not only were the Dalits ‘pushed and thrown out’ of the temple, but the priest of the temple put up a notice outside the temple which banned their entry into the temple. The report cites the priest, Kunwar Bahadur Singh who had accepted that he had put the signature on the notice which barred the entry of Dalits inside the temple.

Jansatta report citing Kunwar Bahadur SIngh

However, the said incident is not from yesterday but from August 2017. In fact, the News18 report Jansatta has cited dates back to 24th August 2017.

News18 report from August 2017

The report even mentions the same priest, saying almost the same thing as Jansatta report.

News18 report from August 2017 quoting the priest

Later, Hamirpur Police even called out Jansatta for publishing a report from an incident that took place over a year ago.

The police said that while the incident is from over a year back, necessary investigation has been carried out. The police added that even the original report was exaggerated.

At the time of publishing this report, none of the publications had updated their reports.

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