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Mainstream media is evil and risking traumatising innocent children crosses every limit of decency

Actions have consequences and I am afraid the consequences of traumatizing young children will not be very pretty for our country.

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K Bhattacharjee
Black Coffee Enthusiast. Post Graduate in Psychology. Bengali.

Just when we think the mainstream media cannot sink any lower than it already has, they continue to spring a surprise on us like they always have in this regard. CNN News18 has taken to Twitter to request people to send them pictures and videos of those violating the cracker ban.

It is pretty obvious to everyone that the overwhelming majority of crackers will be burst by children. By inviting pictures and videos of people who violate the cracker ban, News18 will ensure that scores of children emerge from this Diwali emotionally scarred for life for something as innocuous and innocent as bursting firecrackers on Diwali.

The zealotry with which the mainstream media and the state is enforcing the cracker ban reveals the corrupting nature of power. The manner in which a father was arrested because his children were bursting crackers reveals that the cracker ban has given malicious people a golden opportunity to destroy people’s lives on a whim.

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Power is a corrupting influence and there is a certain sinister joy in controlling others’ behaviour and make them act according to one’s will. The cracker ban has clearly given such people the opportunity to satisfy their lust for power by making an innocent bend to their will and punish them harshly should they dare to disobey them.

From News18’s tweet, it is clear that the cracker ban is less about pollution and more about the innate human desire to control others, to dominate them against their wishes. They do not care if they are destroying people’s reputation or lives or for the children who may suffer irreparable psychological damage due to their shameful conduct. All they seek is to dominate and control other human beings, pollution control is merely an excuse to cloak their true intentions with a noble objective.

News18 is facing a severe backlash for their malicious tweet as they rightly deserve. People are not happy with the idea of traumatized little children as they shouldn’t be.

The activists and the mainstream media and the state machinery need to step back right now and contemplate on the true motivations of their actions and stop hiding behind noble intentions. If pollution control was the real objective, they would have cracked down on farmers burning stubble much earlier than even dreaming of banning crackers.

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Their actions are catapulting our country into chaos. While some misguided fools might imagine themselves emerging as heroes from the chaos they helped unleash, the truth is no one has any control over chaos and there’s no way to guarantee the outcome of such events when large-scale anarchy breaks out. They need to step away from the path they have embarked on and contemplate on what their real motivations are and whether they are worth sacrificing the well-being of innocent children for. Actions have consequences and I am afraid the consequences of traumatizing young children will not be very pretty for our country.

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K Bhattacharjee
Black Coffee Enthusiast. Post Graduate in Psychology. Bengali.

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