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Imran Khan’s deranged statement on Pulwama terror attack tailor-made to appeal to Indian ‘liberal’ sensibilities

Conspicuously, the Pakistani Prime Minister, who is believed by many to be a puppet of the Army, did not mention Iran anywhere in his speech.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued a statement (which sounded more a deranged rant) over the Pulwama Terror Attack. In his statement, Khan claimed that his country had nothing to gain from attacking India. Apart from that, he threatened India with retaliation should the Indian Army decide to attack Pakistan.

Imran Khan claimed that the Indian government was blaming them without any evidence. He said, “My statement is for the Indian government. You (Indian government) have blamed the Pakistan government without any evidence.”

Khan also remarked that Pakistan had nothing to gain from the Pulwama Terror Attack. He stated, “What does Pakistan gain from this? Why will Pakistan do this when the country is moving towards stability?”

The Pakistani Prime Minister asserted that if India has evidence, then Pakistan will take action if it is shared with them.

Most significantly, however, Khan promised that Pakistan will retaliate back should India retaliate.

It had surprised many that Pakistan had not brought up the nuclear bogey as the clouds of war started gathering in the sky. But the country that is known to harbour and support terrorist groups did not disappoint. Khan said, “We all know starting a war is in the hands of humans, where it will lead us only God knows.”

Unlike in the past, when Pakistan used to constantly remind India of its nuclear capabilities, they have been uncharacteristically subdued until now. Even Khan’s threat was very subtle, far from the boisterous cry of earlier times.

As certain as sunrise and sunset, Khan propped up Kashmir and asserted that India needs to rehash is Kashmir policy. He said, “India should have a new thought, new introspection regarding Kashmir. Is using military and force going to solve any problem? That has not helped yet. There should be a discussion about this in India.”

Overall, Khan’s statement appeared to be tailor-made for the ‘intellectual’ secular ‘liberal’ elite of Indian polity which keeps on harping on dialogue with Pakistan and asserts that India needs to distinguish between the Pakistani government and the terrorists. Despite incontrovertible evidence that the Pakistani state apparatus uses terrorists as means in a proxy war with India, Khan appeals to the sensibilities of the section of Indian polity that is sympathetic to his country.

About Kashmir as well, Khan accused the Indian government of ‘oppression’ and suggested that India take a different approach, obviously hinting towards a plebiscite in the region, something which has been a long-held fantasy of the Pakistani state. Certain sections of ‘liberals’ in India, too, harbour similar opinions. Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan recently advocated for a plebiscite openly.

Consistent with that approach, Khan also insinuated that Indian politicians were accusing Pakistan keeping the General Elections in mind. “We are hearing the voices of politicians who are saying they should teach a lesson to Pakistan, and that they should strike Pakistan. I ask them how they can presume the role of judge, jury and executioner,” he said. He added, “We understand that this is an election year for you, and we understand that you will benefit from this.”

Many Indian ‘liberals’, too, have made the same argument. Some have even insinuated that the government might have had something to do with the terror attack.

Prime Minister Modi had made it clear in the past that talks and terrorism cannot go together. And he appears to be consistent in his approach. Khan may boast of ‘Naya Pakistan’ but recent events have proved that the more things change, the more they remain the same in the country.

Conspicuously, the Pakistani Prime Minister, who is believed by many to be a puppet of the Army, did not mention Iran anywhere in his speech. Iran, too, has accused the country of supporting the terrorists who perpetrated the heinous suicide bombing in their country that led to the death of many of their soldiers. The Shia Islamic country has threatened Pakistan of consequences as well.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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