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TIME magazine cover shows the globalization of Hinduphobia

If some people in the West foolishly believe that the Hindu swastika has something to do with Nazis, the liberal is quite happy to let them keep believing that. It’s serving the liberal agenda. Why would the liberals act against the interest of their own propaganda?

This cover of TIME Magazine, with a saffron sash, displayed prominently around the neck of PM Modi, along with the ominous headline of “Divider in Chief”.


Another step forward for the global liberal complex in stigmatizing Hindus as the “other” who are out to get everyone.

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Obviously, not very many Indians read TIME Magazine, nor the New York Times, Le Monde, the Guardian nor the Economist nor care about what they have to say. Even fewer make their voting decisions based on them. While this is inherently a good thing at least in the short term, it does carry a long term risk.

We Hindus have our eyes closed while we are being viciously defamed across the world. 

Sample this.


Or this.


It’s really not about Modi. It’s about Hindus. The global liberal complex has dedicated itself to projecting Hindus as regressive, violent and hateful people. The insane characterization of India as “Lynchistan” went beyond the pages of India’s Lutyens newspapers a long time ago. Liberals are taking it fully global.

Look at how this characterization of India was casually slipped into a question that American Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard was asked:


Observe that the question is taking it for granted that PM Modi is “repressive”. The liberal complex no longer even allows for debate on the subject. It’s just assumed.

This kind of characterization of PM Modi and India is astonishing when you look at it in the context of the US Presidential election. Candidates such as Bernie Sanders have lavished praise on Soviet and Cuban dictators, but that does not seem to be an issue.

Perhaps you are an Indian who does not like PM Modi. But take a look around yourself. Does it feel like our country is being ruled by someone who is worse than Stalin or Fidel Castro? They are saying India is ruled by “Hindu Taliban”. Tell me which BJP leader you think is actually like Mullah Omar or Osama bin Laden.

Whether you like PM Modi or not, when our democratically elected Prime Minister is portrayed as worse than Stalin, Castro or Osama bin Laden, it hurts the interest of every Indian. We are all global citizens. How the world perceives us matters.

In this information war, images matter. The digital image of PM Modi with the saffron sash on the TIME cover was created for a reason. It is to sow in the minds of people worldwide that saffron = evil.


An image of Hanuman that went viral on the streets of Indian cities was reported in the Washington Post as the “face of militant Hinduism”.

The agenda is clear. Modi is just an excuse. They are out to get us all. They intend to stigmatize any expression of Hinduness, no matter how small.

This hatred for all things Hindu extends to anything that can be associated with India.


You might have heard about this New York Times article suggesting that love for sarees has something to do with Hindu fundamentalism. You might have mocked it on social media. But so what? Did New York Times delete the article, withdraw it or issue an apology? We Indians can see that the premise of the article is absurd, but does the rest of the world know that? That article was not meant to fool Indians, but to fool the rest of the world. And the New York Times achieved its objective of telling the world that sarees = evil.

Like  I pointed out here, one of the biggest channels in Latin America is now telling the folks over there that Sardar Patel was a “right-wing bigot”.


Latin America is not New York that you would meet Indians everywhere. This is probably one of the first things most of those viewers are hearing about India’s domestic politics. This is something they will remember. Perhaps a decade later, when India’s global economic footprint expands even further and Indian businessmen and professionals go to South American shores, the local population will ask them: “Why do you Indians make colossal statues of right-wing bigots?

Do you have an answer ready for that?

Still, think this is just about PM Modi?

I said earlier that we Hindus have our eyes closed. Because we are not speaking for ourselves, liberals are filling in the vacuum by drawing up a picture of Hindus as violent and intolerant. And wherever possible, liberals are happy to cultivate dangerous beliefs about Hindus.


Oh DNA, how naive you are!

No, they weren’t showing their ‘ignorance’.

Rather they were worried that explaining what the swastika means in India would dispel other people’s ignorance about Hindus.

If some people in the West foolishly believe that the Hindu swastika has something to do with Nazis, the liberal is quite happy to let them keep believing that. It’s serving the liberal agenda. Why would the liberals act against the interest of their own propaganda?

The liberal would much rather explain why the hijab and burqa are feminist symbols.

But sarees should arouse suspicion.

What is the endgame for liberals here? It is to create a form of global cultural apartheid against Hindus.

The world has changed a lot. There is no invader coming through the Khyber pass any more. The weapons and the form of war have changed. But conquest is still very much a thing. It’s all about information now. If we Hindus do not stand up and write our own story, somebody else will. And in the great theatre of humanity, we Hindus will be cast as the villains.

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