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The Nexus of Missionaries and Naxals vs India: The horrific Khunti gangrape reveals the conspiracy of Break India forces

The history of India’s tribals has been twisted and subjugated to the cause of left-wing terror. With backing from soul harvesters.

On June 19, 2018, the small town of Khunti in Jharkhand was rocked by the news of a horrific crime:

” … five anti-human trafficking activists, engaged with an NGO supported by a Christian missionary, were abducted by motor-cycle borne armed men while they were performing street corner play (Nukkad-Natak) at RC Mission School in Khunti’s Kochang block, about 90 kms from the state capital. They were taken to a nearby forested area where the abductors raped them, video-graphed the carnal act and forced the victims to drink urine.”

Shocking. But there are many more layers to this story, each one more terrifying than the next. The Khunti gangrape was an outcome of a sinister conspiracy by Break India forces. If you are someone who cares about keeping India together, you need to know this story.

First of all, let us be grateful that the six accused have now been convicted and have received harsh life sentences.


In particular, the court observed that :

“….the heinous crime was perpetrated not to satiate the sexual lust. Worst that it was done under a triangular pact to take revenge from the innocent women, who dared to venture in a Pathalgadi village

There are some terms there which might need some explanation. First of all, what is Pathalgadi? Over the last two years, left-wing forces have been pushing a dangerously subversive movement across the tribal belt in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. A stone is planted at the entrance to the village, claiming independence from Central and State governments and declaring the gram sabha as the sovereign entity that governs the village. You can see it reported in The Hindu here:


The entry of “outsiders” is prohibited into the Pathalgadi village. Including those running government schools and healthcare.

No prizes for guessing that Pathalgadi is a Trojan horse for Naxalism. In this case, the left wing terror group in question is People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI).

Wait, so if the government cannot run schools and healthcare and general welfare programs in Pathalgadi villages, who will? Who would have the money and the resources and the motive?

Who could it be?

The five women who became victims in the Khunti gangrape had angered the PLFI and the Pathalgadi leaders by entering prohibited villages to spread awareness against human trafficking by holding street corner performances (Nukkad Nataks).

How did they get their revenge?

Well, as Swarajya reports, these women were invited to perform their Nukkad Natak by an NGO called Asha Kiran run by the Church. After one performance, they were then pressurized to do a second performance, this time inside a missionary school run by Father Alphonse Aind. They went to the missionary school, accompanied by two sisters of the church: Sister Ranjita and Sister Vineeta.

That’s where the rapists were waiting for them. The women were picked up, taken to a remote location and gang-raped. And after that:

” … the victim stated that all of them were brought back to the church-run school, where both the sisters and the Father threatened them to not disclose the incident otherwise their family members may be killed.

There you have it: Missionaries, NGOs and Naxals,  the ‘royal flush’ of Break India forces, all working together towards a common goal.

There are many things to understand here. Notice how the missionaries outsource their work to NGOs. Notice how closely they collaborate with Naxals and how carefully they calibrate their propaganda. Pathalgadi has its roots in a simple tribal custom of remembering heroes with a prominent tombstone. Think about the propaganda masterminds behind the missionaries who sat down with Naxals to come up with a way to twist a local custom into armed rebellion against the Indian state.

The history of India’s tribals has been twisted and subjugated to the cause of left-wing terror. With backing from soul harvesters.

This is a pity because the history of India’s tribals is one of resistance against oppression by the Church. The most prominent tribal hero in India is Bhagwan Birsa Munda, who was captured by the British, tortured in prison and died at the age of just twenty-five years. In 2000, the date chosen for the creation of Jharkhand was Nov 15, in order to mark the birthday of Birsa Munda.

In fact, Birsa Munda led an armed uprising against the Church, as far back as Christmas Eve in 1899.


You can read all about it in A K Dhan’s biography of Birsa Munda (extract above), which is part of the Builders of Modern India series from the Publications Division of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt of India.

However, the popular narrative about Birsa Munda conveniently glazes over this fact. And the same missionary-NGO-leftist nexus tries to co-opt Bhagwan Birsa Munda as one of their own.

It is a testament to the power of the Nehruvian establishment, the Khan Market courtiers if you will, to pick and choose a historical narrative that suits them. And the helplessness of the “right wing” which has not been able to match them at this game so far.

Believe it or not, when Father Alphonse was caught and the Khunti gangrape conspiracy uncovered, the missionary ecosystem came out strongly in his defence.


The popular Hindi saying that comes to mind is “Ek to chori, upar se seenazori.

The Church in Jharkhand adopted a similarly defiant stance last year when a nun of Teresa’s order of Missionaries of Charity was arrested for selling babies.


We have to understand what we are up against.

Is there any good news? Yes, for a start, we can be happy that the accused in the Khunti gangrape case have been convicted in less than a year’s time. Credit to the government of Raghubar Das for this. The other thing is that Jharkhand now has enacted one of the strictest anti-conversion laws in this country.


But the most heartening thing is that awareness among tribals is rising. In Sept 2017, a group of people trying to convert tribals to Christianity from their traditional Sarna religion were arrested. It was the villagers who raised the alarm and called the police.

Only we the people have the power to save India.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
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