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Shiv Vihar ground report: Tale of two schools, one owned by a Muslim used as a war base, the other, owned by a Hindu, gutted by Islamists

"If the Hindus had even moved an inch from below the Rajdhani school, the Muslim mob would have entered our homes and we all know what would have happened with our daughters then. Hindus decided to fight and struggle because that was the only way to stop the Muslim mob. Even if we got hurt or killed, we decided to stay on", a local said.

Riots have raged on in Delhi since Monday. That started off as an opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act, an Act which expedites citizenship for the religiously persecuted minorities of neighbouring Islamic nations, soon turned into a coordinated attack against Hindus by the Islamist mobs. While sections of the media are trying to portray these as an attack on the Muslims of India by the majoritarian regime and its followers, the truth is far from it. OpIndia covered several ground reports that showed Islamist aggression against Hindus. One such report has emerged from Shiv Vihar, located in Karavar Nagar in North East Delhi, which saw widespread riots by Muslims against Hindus.

There are two schools in Shiv Vihar. One is Rajdhani Public School and the other is called DRP Public School. While the Rajdhani school belongs to a Muslim, DRP is owned by one Mr Sharma. During the anti-Hindu Delhi riots, one of these schools were gutted and the other was made a den to perpetrate violence. It does not really take a lot to guess which school met what fate.

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Rajdhani school, which is owned by a Muslim was turned into a fortress from where the Islamists launched attacks in the area. Rioters were given protection and shelter in that school. It is from this school that stones were pelted, guns were fired and petrol bombs were hurled. On the rooftop of this school, our reporter found several slingshots that were used to hurl heavy stones and petrol bombs.

Rajdhani School in Shiv Vihar, which became the den of terror

When OpIndia reporters reached the rooftop of the Rajdhani school, it was evident that the preparation for riots that was stockpiled could not have been collected in a day or two. The level of preparation on the rooftop of Rajdhani school needed several days to be put together. A local man, who was at the time feeding and providing water to security forces had the same sense. He said that the number of petrol bombs and stones used would be impossible to collect and stock in a single day. On the rooftop of the school, we found several massive containers that were filled with bricks and were used to store them.

Next to Rajdhani school, there is a marriage hall where several vehicles were parked. There, a group of locals were assembled who complained that the media had turned away from Shiv Vihar and reached there very late. The locals alleged that the very Muslim mob that had turned Rajdhani school into an attack base had gutted the marriage hall as well. They also alleged that the Muslim mob that had turned Rajdhani school into an attack base had also gutted DRP school.

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As we spoke to the locals, the picture kept becoming clearer. In Shiv Vihar a school was used as the base for launching attacks against Hindus, much like in Chandbagh, Tahir Hussain’s house was used as an attack base to inflict maximum damage against Hindus.

DRP school gutted in fire and ransacked by Muslim rioters

According to locals, first, a massive Muslim mob reached the Rajdhani school. Locals allege that since the Rajdhani school is owned by a Muslim, the school was chosen by the mob per a well-thought strategy.

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Petrol bombs, stones and other weapons had already been arranged at the rooftop of the school. Interestingly, the locals also say that a building which was opposite the Rajdhani school was also made a terror base by the Muslim mobs. This gave him high altitude on both sides and thus, made it easier for them to target Hindus. Locals say that the Muslim mob consisted of over 1000 people.

The roof of Rajdhani school
The roof of Rajdhani school

Rajdhani school building is relatively higher than the rest of the buildings in the area. The surrounding areas had several Hindu establishments and homes which were targeted by the Islamist mobs. In fact, there was not one Hindu house that could be seen that had not been pelted with stones by the Islamists. Guns were also fired from the Rajdhani school and in the process, a Hindu man named Dinesh Kumar had also lost his life. Several other Hindus are injured and undergoing treatment.

Suresh, the brother of the Hindu man Dinesh who died from bullet injury inflicted by the Muslim mob has been contacted by OpIndia and the report will follow soon. He says that the bullet was lodged right in the middle of Dinesh’s head.

Seeing the strength and preparation of the Muslim mob and to contain them in that space to they don’t proceed further to the Chowk and harm other Hindus, the Hindus of the area too retaliated and got down on the streets. However, due to the massive preparation of the Muslim mobs, the loss of property and life in the Hindu side was far greater.

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To stop the Muslim mob from harming other Hindus, the Hindus who had congregated in front of Rajdhani school had to bear stones being pelted on them and petrol bombs being hurled apart from guns being fired. When we asked an elderly man sitting in a shop closeby, as to why Hindus braved the Jihadi mob and congregated at Rajdhani school, he said:

“In a conflict, the one who attains higher ground always has the advantage. It is always easier to attack the ones below from higher ground and the ones who are below, suffer great loss. It was the Hindu’s compulsion and helplessness that we have to beave the stones being pelted on us, the petrol bombs being thrown to injure us and the guns being fired at us. If Hindus had not done that, then the honour of our daughters would not be intact today. If the Hindus had even moved an inch from below the Rajdhani school, the Muslim mob would have entered our homes and we all know what would have happened with our daughters then. Hindus decided to fight and struggle because that was the only way to stop the Muslim mob. Even if we got hurt or killed, we decided to stay on”.

The media focused on the breakage at Rajdhani school extensively, probably because the school is owned by a Muslim, but they did not reveal that the breakage was actually just a drama by the Islamists. The fact is that Rajdhani school had mild vandalism while DRT school was completely gutted. Why this discrepancy? What we found was rather shocking.

In the classrooms of Rajdhani school, the desks and chairs were mostly lined up properly, however, just a few desks were strewn about just to show that violence had taken place in that school as well. There were some things artificially strewn on the lowest floor of the school and the locals have alleged that was done only to project as if there was violence there, but in fact, that was not true.

Some things were burnt there and kept in a place, which seemed to have been burnt. However, the walls of the school were not damaged at all. The school, with the door written on it – “No CAA, No NPR”. We checked every floor of the Rajdhani school, however, we could not find any major sign of vandalism or sabotage. However, on the roof, we found war-like preparation, including material for bomb-making.

It is now pertinent to note that the condition of DRP school which was gutted and many parents along with their children had gathered there. We found a chain hanging in the middle of the school, with the help of which, Islamists had entered the DRP school from the nearby Rajdhani school. Other than this, around 300 Islamists entered the DRP school from outside and burnt the school down.

DRP school which was gutted by Islamists, even the furniture was thrown and burnt

The air in DRP school was filled with the odour of burnt furniture, metal and wood. A woman who had come there along with her niece told us that the Islamists had done this to their school.

A local man there, Umesh said, “This is the handiwork of the Mohammedans”. Several other people too repeated the same but did not want to be quoted or captured in the camera. They said that they still have to live in the same locality and don’t want to be painted as a target for the Muslim mobs.

DRP school gutted by Islamists

The crux of the matter is this – A strong Muslim mob bombed, pelted stones and shot at the Hindus from the Rajdhani school and over 300 Muslims barged into DRP school and gutted it. Locals say that there are several Hindus still missing from their homes and the drains might throw up corpses that are being ignored so far.

While the media has tried to paint the Delhi riots as a pogrom against Muslims, the fact is that Muslim mobs had run amuck specifically targeting Hindus and their properties.

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In the various videos and photos attached in this article of our ground report from Shiv Vihar during Delhi riots, you can see the devastation and also hear the opinion of the local people. The aggrieved Hindus say that the media is not bothered to show their sorrow and pain. They are angry and demoralized. They are also victims and a large section of the media is engaged in showing them as rioters.

This tale of two schools in Shiv Vihar, one owned by a Muslim and the other by a Hindu is at the heart of this riot and shows the stark difference between the actual aggressors and the victims.

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