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Woke liberals on Twitter suffer a meltdown after people applaud for the Bravehearts fighting against Coronavirus during Janata Curfew

Surprisingly, several opposition politicians and several left-liberal personalities were also seen participating in the event as appealed by the PM. But still, a section was the liberal establishment was not happy with people's participation

Calling for “resolve and restraint” to fight coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asked the entire country to observe ‘Janata curfew’ on Sunday, March 22 as a test run for social distancing over the next few days.

He had also asked the citizens to dedicate 5 minutes of their time in expressing gratitude for the people who are putting up a strong and relentless fight against the Wuhan coronavirus. Earlier, in the day, he reminded people to go atop their terrace or balconies and applaud for the Bravehearts of the nation.

As expected, PM Narendra Modi’s request received a resounding response from people. At 5 pm, people across the nation stood in their balconies and terraces to honour the contribution of those who are working tirelessly to save this nation from the deadly fangs of coronavirus. Amidst the lockdown across various States, people clapped, blew conches, burst firecrackers and clanked their utensils in unison to express their appreciation for health workers.

Surprisingly, several opposition politicians and several left-liberal personalities were also seen participating in the event as appealed by the PM. But still, a section was the liberal establishment was not happy with people’s participation. They wish to limit discourse to an elitist club of like-minded individuals where ordinary citizens of the country find no place to share their concerns. As such, the meltdown of woke liberals on Twitter was not unexpected.

Compulsive hatemonger and Congress supporter, Nikhil Wagle, known for his casteist remarks mocked India’s gesture as “Thali Bajao” event. Wagle who once called the dreaded terrorist and mastermind of the 26/11 terror attack Hafiz Saeed as ‘Hamara Apna‘ now derides India’s culture of doing “Aarti.”

Angellica Aribam, the National General Secretary of NSUI that serves as the student wing of the Congress party, suggested that the people’s expression of gratitude somehow disturbed the quietness of her colony. As such, she asked her followers to urgently inform her about a “quiet colony.”

Another woke liberal named Nishtha who lives under a false impression that she represents “the media” orders people to stop celebrating as it supposedly hinders her ability to continuously provide “the essential services that PM Modi talked about.”

An independent ‘journalist’ based in Kashmir, Rayan Naqash, claims that the applause of people is in fact the sound of “Bhakts” with no brains banging their heads.

Romita Saluja who claims to be a writer and independent journalist on Twitter parrots the same nonsensical rhetoric that the left-liberal jamaat had been reiterating without fail on Diwali and Holi. She claims that the clanking of utensils and sheer jubilation during Janata Curfew was “ridiculous” and “insensitive” to the elderly, pets, birds and so on.

Rabid Islamist in the disguise of a journalist, Saba Naqvi, was not behind in making insidious claims on a joyous occasion. She asked whether the virus would “run back” to China by people expressing their gratitude to the health workers during the Janata Curfew. Saba who is well known for her Anti-Hindu sentiments, fearing a backlash, then claimed that the question was meant to be humourous.

Atheist turned Islamist Shehla Rashid, who is notorious for peddling fake news and fear-mongering, claimed that Prime Minister Narendra had alienated many sections of the society.

Self-proclaimed writer Mithila Phadke went on an abusive tirade against those participating in the Janata Curfew. Spilling out her inner vitriol, she labels a man blowing a conch as a “mother f**er”. Besides that, she wishes chronic rectal disorder upon those people.

Rana Ayub who made a career out of fictional reporting during Gujarat riots and also renowned for her Islamist and Anti-India stand dubbed India’s gesture for their Bravehearts as “madness”. Ayub who has been recently slammed by her comrades for “spewing hate” also sheds crocodile tears over the number of live coronavirus cases in India. It is important to keep in mind that India’s efforts in containing the pandemic have been lauded by the likes of the World Health Organisation.

Former Radio Jockey Sayema accused of inciting mobs in the name of Anti-CAA protests in the past mocks “Janta Curfew” as a competition between people over producing loud noises through clanking of plates.

Kashmiri journalist who is supposedly on Twitter to avoid Facebook labels the jubilation of people as a case of “stupidity” that has no cure.

Tanul Thakur, who is associated with propaganda websites such as The Wire and Caravan Magazine, claims that Janata Curfer which was conceptualised to promote social distancing is, in fact, an “act of submission” to the PM Narendra Modi. The woke liberal then abuses the country as well as the middle-class people.

A few days back, people in coronavirus-affected Italy subjected to home quarantine were seen singing and clapping from their balconies for the medicos working hard to save the nation. The gesture received a positive response from netizens, including many in the liberal camp.

But, since a similar initiative was recommended by the one leader they despise, such an idea that uplifts the morale of health workers now sounds stupid and ridiculous to this lot. Sadly, the Indian left-liberal jamaat has now become so immersed in Modi hatred that any initiative, Janata Curfew in this case, designed for the betterment of the society now appears to them as an “evil ploy of submission”. And anyone who strives to bust their monopoly over the narrative is dubbed as a “Bhakt” for no reason.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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