Topic: liberal hypocrisy

Sweta Singh has called out the blatant bias in the Left media and even Rajdeep Sardesai among others.
A man like Raj Thackeray, who cannot win a single MP has emerged as the grand hope of India’s ‘secular’ liberals to stop the Modi juggernaut. Let that sink in.
Apparently, the prime minister meeting his mother is not a normal thing and is ridiculed by 'liberals'
The bomb blasts in Sri Lanka which have killed over 200 people are markedly different from Christchurch shooting of only a month ago.
The aftermath of Pulwama Attack and Balakot revenge has left the forces in the opposition of Narendra Modi in total disarray.
Dua claimed that she is being stopped from living her normal life by 'performative patriots'.
The latest scientific report from the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos asks beef consumers to cut down on its consumption and improve their life-span by 5 to 7%
The discipline of copying the template is followed all the way from the top. Remember people, everyone has a boss. Even the Clown Prince.
Sagarika Ghose and her husband are prime examples of what journalists shouldn't aspire to be.
There is not one liberal who is actually ashamed today about what was happening on the left wing scene until the moment they all got caught.
We have categorically rejected all charges, refused to take the articles down and certainly refused to apologise.
We will never know if Cambridge Analytica actually stole data for the Congress Party
The "liberals" shouldn't worry about driving a wedge there because they won’t find any.
There has been no dearth of hate on social media against the former Prime Minister on the occasion of his death.
93 year old former Prime Minister is on his deathbed following a heart attack on 11th August
Self-proclaimed champions of 'freedom of expression' have successfully bullied a questioning voice into silence
Javed Akhtar launches a personal attack on a Twitter user when he questions his hypocrisy
His sudden appearance in Kathua district hospital had raised doubts in the minds of the villagers
Find out what kind of articles, tweets, and deeds you would have witnessed if Hindus were to celebrate Ramzan.
One can assume that the nervous breakdown is only about to get worse as the 2019 elections draw closer.
IPS officer had shared a picture with BJP leader Subramanian Swamy
An apparent viral article on The Wire has declared war and gifted a soldier to the right-wing.
I want the rapists to be hanged, right away. But sorry, I am not joining these 'outragers' who have an agenda.

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