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liberal hypocrisy

‘Parliament me toh apne hi log gaye hain’: Leftist journalist Anil Sinha supports the accused in parliament security breach case

Anil Sinha said, "Those who intruded into the parliament are our men only. It is just that they entered the parliament in a wrong way. That is their only mistake."

I was in the stadium – disappointed at India’s loss and angry at those dissing the crowd. Here is how I felt during the...

It was the 43rd over. I was at the stands with a mix of disappointment and admiration as the ICC World Cup 2023's final match played out

Congress-friendly journalists again fawn over Rahul Gandhi’s new photo-op in his Bharat Jodo container Yatra

Congress-friendly journalists have praised Rahul Gandhi's photo-op during his Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Times of India columnist romanticises ‘Muslim tailors’ hiding their religious identity, what gives?

This kind of romanticising of criminal behaviour only makes it worse for rest of the Indian Muslims as it increases the distrust level. 'Liberals' are the worst allies Indian Muslims have.

The horrendous Kanhaiya Lal beheading and the 13 shameless tricks liberals are using while reacting to it

Let us study the reaction of this gang to the horrendous Udaipur murder by their Islamist pals.

The Nupur Sharma fiasco and the Liberals: 9 ways how the Islamo-fascists and their ideological comrades have shot themselves in the foot

By over-reacting to the Nupur Sharma affair, Liberals have made life much more difficult for themselves for years

NDTV journalist writes an entire thread about the second arrest in the Hyderabad rape case, has trouble stating that the accused is a son...

NDTV Journalist uses "head of important community body" instead of "Waqf Board" to hide that accused in Hyderabad gangrape case is Muslim

The Kashmir Files: Why is it making ‘liberals’ squirm so much

Inconvenient facts usually make people uncomfortable, especially when they were the ones who presided over the crime of ignoring a genocide the first time it happened

Karnataka hijab verdict: Drawing false parallels is an older technique, Swara Bhaskar must learn something new to peddle her agenda

Swara Bhaskar has reaffirmed that the degree of reasoning she employs is unfathomable to anybody other than some left-leaning liberals.

PM Narendra Modi praises ‘The Kashmir Files’, says it presents the truth, so certain people are running a campaign against it

PM Modi has slammed the so-called liberals who have tried to dismiss the entire plot of the movie as fiction even though it is based on real events.

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