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Nazariya QFRG: Brainwashed children, advertised colouring book for students with nude women wearing dildos and masturbating

The Nazariya QFRG colouring book also had the image of a nude woman masturbating on the bottom left corner. And the caption read, "Discount for students Rs.100".

Tagore International School in Vasant Vihar, Delhi came under fire recently for hosting a session on gender identity politics in order to brainwash children. Images of the visuals that the children were exposed to has shocked people on social media across the board. The sessions at the school were conducted by Nazariya- Queer Feminist Resource Group (Nazariya QFRG).

Now, another shocking post of Nazariya QFRG has started gaining traction on social media. In the said post, the organisation was advertising a planner/colouring book for students that had the image of a nude woman wearing a dildo, a female sex toy. The colouring book also had the image of a nude woman masturbating on the bottom left corner. And the caption read, “Discount for students Rs.100”.

Screengrab of Nazariya’s facebook post

Given the dangerous activism Nazariya QFRG was engaging in, we decided to investigate its background. And we discovered that these are not fringe elements but are quite mainstream within the domain of LGBT activism. Nazariya QFRG was started by three individuals: Rituparma Borah, Ritambhara Mehta and Purnima Gupta.

According to the wordpress website of the organisation, “Rituparna has also been involved in building Muslim girl’s leadership programme through ICT in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh). She has also contributed towards Adolescence Education Programme training material published by the National Council on Education, Research and Training (NCERT).” She is also involved with the Delhi Queer Pride.

Ritambhara is a co-director at Nazariya QFRG “responsible for networking, fundraising, programme and organizational development and implementation.” Purnima is a “trainer on issues of gender, caste and sexuality. She also creates training modules, conducts evaluations & research and does advocacy on adult literacy, women’s and gender and sexuality education.”

Ritambhara and Rituparna in a recent interview said, “We conduct workshops in colleges, universities and different organisations on gender, sexuality and LGBTQI+ issues. We have been working with the corporates to sensitise them to sexual harassment in the workplace and promote diversity and inclusion. We also run a helpline, do crisis intervention work, provide free mental health counselling and conduct research and advocacy.” Thus, quite clearly, their problematic activism has raised no eyebrows within the LGBT community.

The Nazariya QFRG members said further, “International NGOS and donors can make funds easily available for small Community Based Organisations. The protocols of many donors are very stringent making it very difficult for small organisations with fewer resources, but greater connection to people who would benefit from funding, to fulfil all the criterions.”

They added, “There are funders who are more focussed on programmes than salaries of people which is also a hindrance to small groups which work with a smaller staff. Reviewing, reducing, dismantling or helping smaller organisations to fulfill these criterions would move money quicker and more easily to the places it can have the biggest impact.”

The further acceptability of Nazariya QFRG in LGBT activist circles became evident when a verified Twitter handle with close to 180,000 followers (as of the time of writing this report) provided them with a platform on social media.

The tweet by Safecity

Members of the Nazariya QFRG has also appeared on television debates of prominent news channels such as India Today as an ‘activist’.

Tweet by India Today, retweeted by Nazariya QFRG

Nazariya QFRG has also been invited to events endorsed by the NITI Aayog.

Unage Credit: @Shampa_Sengupta/Twitter

Thus, quite clearly, Nazariya QFRG is extremely mainstream in the arena of LGBT activism. That its toxic activism and the brainwashing of children has not raised eyebrows yet only further casts aspersions on the nature of such activism. It does not take the IQ of Einstein to realise why exposing adolescents to colouring books with nude women masturbating and wearing sex toys is not conducive to their holistic development.

Furthermore, if information on such matters has to reach children at that age, it is better for society at large if it comes from the immediate near and dear ones of the children and not from strange elements in schools. Nazariya QFRG also showed the photograph of a man with enlarged breasts breastfeeding a baby, which was found disturbing by people across social media.

We have explained in a separate article how gender identity politics harms children irreparably. Governments, both at the state and national level, must take active measures to prevent such activism from gaining ground in India. However, it appears that out of public attention, such entities have been slowly infiltrating our society and brainwashing our children.

The government has a duty to help ordinary people carry on with their lives normally without interference from radical elements who wish to uproot the entire fabric of social organisation root, branch and stem. The influence of such organisations in schools and our education system could very well prove to be catastrophic for our society.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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