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OpIndia impact: NCPCR takes cognizance of Shiv Nadar School introducing ‘non-binary’ as children’s gender, instructs officials to ensure that unapproved gender terms not used

After Shiv Nadar School introduced ‘non-binary’ as child’s gender, NCPCR has written to UP and Haryana govt to ensure that unapproved gender terms are not used by schools

Shiv Nadar School introduces ‘non-binary’ as child’s gender, parents say, ‘don’t shove woke politics down our throat’

Shiv Nadar school includes "non-binary" as option for gender in a feedback form to parents, parents outraged at woke politics

USA: 14 yo ‘transitioned’ girl trafficked, serially raped after being snatched away from family, how the school and ‘woke’ system played a role

The indoctrination of children with 'gender theory' and LGBTQ+ propaganda is being openly undertaken in US schools.

US: California State passes bill penalising parents with losing custody of their children for opposing their gender transition

The Bill, AB 957, passed by California State Assembly, empowers judges to wrest custody of children whose parents refuse their gender transition.

Disney’s hypersexualisation of children, woke politics, and overindulgence in gender identity of kids: Here’s why the House of Mouse has been caught in its...

A report by the American Psychological Association on "Sexualisation of Girls" states, "Others have noted that Disney's female characters today (e.g.,The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas) have more cleavage, fewer clothes, and are depicted as "sexier" than those of yesteryear (e.g., Snow White, Cinderella)

Miss Universe Netherlands 2023 is a biological male who identifies as ‘transwoman’, Rikkie Valerie Kolle says ‘she’ made LGBTQ community proud

"It's unreal. But I can call myself Miss Netherlands 2023. It was an educational and wonderful process. My year can't go wrong anymore. I am so proud and happy. I can't even describe it. I made my community proud and showed it can be done," Rikkie Valerie Kolle said on his win.

Journalist of ‘What is a woman’ fame says YouTube threatened to deplatform him if he doesn’t affirm to gender ideology: What happened

Matt Walsh shifted to Twitter to post his content after youTube asked him to affirm to gender ideology politics.

Still think a mix of X and Y chromosomes makes up your gender, well not anymore

As we dig deeper into this, we find instances where a person not only feels like belonging to a different gender but also flushes age considerations down the drain.

‘My gender is emotions of straight people being utterly confused’: ‘Non-binary bio male’ expresses euphoria over ambiguity of gender expression

A self-described non-binary biological male took to Twitter to glee over confounding people with gender non-conformity.

Author JK Rowling attracts the wrath of ‘gender-identity’ fanatics for wishing ‘Merry Terfmas’: Read what it means and what’s the outrage about

JK Rowling is facing online attack for wishing one of her fans 'Merry Terfmas', regarded as anti-trans holiday greeting.

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