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gender politics

Trans couple Ahanu and Petrona: Read about how the mother is now the father and the father is now mother and breastfeeding the child

The Washington DC couple involves Ahanu, who claims to be the father and Petrona, who claims to be the mother of the child.

Javed Akhtar enters battleground pronouns, suggests ‘hesh’ and ‘shim’, gets mocked: Details

Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar has come up with a novel idea to rectify what he appears to consider gendered language.

ESPN goes woke, to include gender-neutral cricket terms ‘batter’ instead of ‘batsman’ and ‘Player of The Match’

ESPN Cricinfo writer Sreshth Shah has informed that the portal will now replace the term 'Batsman' with 'Batter', and 'Man of the Match' will now be 'Player of The Match'.

CNN claims biological sex is a ‘disputed term’ and gender cannot be determined at birth, gets criticised on social media

CNN believes it is not possible to determine gender of a person at the time of birth. It has called the term biological sex as 'disputed'.

USA: Manhattan school’s guidelines advise students to use gender neutral terms instead of ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’, endorse gay marriage

The Grace Church School's Inclusive Language Guide also calls the concept of 'traditional' family "outdated".

‘We should be outraged!’: Senator Rand Paul grills Biden’s nominee as Dr Levine refuses to condemn sex change procedure for little children

U.S. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky grilled Dr. Rachel Levine at her confirmation hearing in the U.S. Senate.

UK hospital trust goes woke, goes from ‘breast-feeding’ to ‘chest-feeding’, changes post-natal terminologies

The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust has decided to be more 'gender-inclusive' to respect 'trans and non-binary birthing people'.

On this Independence Day, here is why the Govt of India must pledge to root out toxic ideology of Gender Identity Politics

The government must undertake concrete measures to prevent the mainstreaming of the ideology of Gender Identity politics.

Nazariya QFRG accuses OpIndia of ‘misrepresenting facts’ after indoctrinating and brainwashing children, OpIndia responds

Nazariya QFRG has issued a statement on the reports by OpIndia wherein it accused us of inciting hatred.

Efforts underway to mainstream ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ in India, ‘volunteers’ from classes 9 to 12 being trained to further gender identity politics

Students at the Tagore International School were introduced to Drag Queen Story Hour to mainstream gender identity politics.

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