Friday, May 27, 2022


Tavleen Singh

From comparing implementing HC order on hijab to ‘genocide’ to likening burqa clad women to Draupadi, arguments by ‘liberals’ turn wild

Arguments in Karnataka hijab row escalate to another dimension as 'liberals' lose their sense of proportion in defending burqa-clad pro-hijab people

Tavleen Singh endorses claims of Thakur men killing a Dalit boy, Mathura police busts the fake news, reveal drowning as cause of death

Journalist Tavleen Singh and others endorsed fake claims that a Dalit boy was killed by Thakur men by pouring acid over him.

Five senseless things Tavleen Singh said while ‘defending’ Naseeruddin Shah

Tavleen Singh on Sunday took it upon herself to 'defend' Naseeruddin Shah and the Islamists who cancelled him while accusing 'Hindutva trolls' of abusing him.

‘Journalist’ Tavleen Singh ties herself in knots over the COVID vaccine certificate, has a history of complicated relationship with filling forms

Ms Tavleen Singh recently took to Twitter carping about the size of vaccine certificates issued by the Indian government

Aatish Taseer draws inspiration from Yogendra Yadav, ‘Aandolanjeevis’ now go international

It is rather funny that Aatish Taseer is now trying to be a free trial version of multi-faceted far-left 'protestor' Yogendra Yadav'. Except, he has now taken the game international.

Journalist Tavleen Singh withdraws defamation suit against Twitter user PokerShash for his satirical tweet

A defamation suit was filed by Tavleen Singh against Twitter user @pokershash for his satirical tweet on Singh and others over their relentless support to hate-mongerer Sharjeel Imam

Journalist Tavleen Singh sues Twitter user Shashank Singh alias PokerShash over satirical tweet

Tavleen Singh filed a civil lawsuit against @pokershash in Patiala House Court for his sardonic tweet against the author-writer

Why it’s wrong to call Aatish Taseer a ‘bastard’ even if he is one

All Amit Shah ever did to Taseer was revoke a privilege that allowed him to circumvent the usual visa application process that common people go through.

Tavleen Singh comes out to defend her son Aatish Taseer for spewing venom on Amit Shah, lies through her teeth

Aatish Taseer still outraged about his OCI status revocation, uses vile, abusive words for India's Home Minister.

Mother of Aatish Taseer calls mother of a martyred soldier ‘BJP troll’, claims she is more patriotic because she grew up in ‘army stations’

To Meghna Girish's polite disagreement, Tavleen Singh resorted to name-calling and accused her of being a 'BJP troll'.

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