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A saffron flag tied in a lane, ‘Shanno’ is terrified: Read how The Wire is trying to stoke communal tension in a sensitive area

It is notable here that the woman named Shanno, who, as per the Wire's report lives in the area with her husband, two sons, two daughters in law, five daughters and four grandchildren, has already been provided police protection by the order of the court because she is a witness in the Delhi riots cases.

Leftist propaganda website The Wire has made a sensational claim in a report that a day after the Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan saffron flags were placed in a ‘mosque’ lane in Delhi. The report suggested that the residents of the lane-2 of Subhash Colony, Delhi have complained to The Wire that some people raised ‘indecent’ and ‘communal’ slogans after Bhoomi Pujan.

While writing the details of the highly fictitious incident, ‘The Wire’ said in its so-called sensational and dramatic report that before the February riots in Delhi, these lanes remained open, but now they had to install gates for protection.

The report claimed that the residents told The Wire that on the night of Bhoomi Pujan, “because of the media hype and RSS’s call” people lit diyas. At around 1 PM in the night, people started shouting “Jai Shri Ram”. They raised slogans like “Take out the traitors” and “Bring the mullahs out.”

The Wire’s report

The Wire’s report added that a woman named Shanno narrated the atrocities that had happened with her. She showed slap marks on her cheeks and claimed her 17-year-old daughter was also slapped. She claimed that attackers touched her breast and tore off her dress.

According to The Wire, Shanno claimed that people entered in the “Muslim” street with saffron flags that caused communal tension in the area. She said they tied the flags on their houses and burst firecrackers outside the gate. If these people are not arrested and punished, they will next do the same in a mosque.

It is notable here that the woman named Shanno, who, as per the Wire report lives in the area with her husband, two sons, two daughters in law, fiver daughters and four grand children, has already been provided police protection by the order of the court because she is a witness in the Delhi riots cases.

Ironically, from the CCTV footage, The Wire then states that two men were seen tying a saffron flag on the gate of the lane. It is not clear why exactly tying a saffron flag on the evening of a celebratory event for Hindus is perceived as ‘terrifying’ for this Shanno.

The fake reporting by Muslim journalists

When OpIndia approached the local people of Subhash Colony in this regard, they said that on the night of Bhoomi Pujan they had lit lamps and burst firecrackers to celebrate the event, but they did not raise any slogans.

Locals also said that everything was normal, but soon after the Bhoomi Pujan, a few Muslim journalists starting scouring the area. They talked to the families present there and tried to give it a religious colour. When people were lighting lamps and bursting crackers, Shanno file a complaint against those who were celebrating.

Recently, as per the locals, when those Muslim journalists again went to the colony to instigate communal hatred, the people present at the scene called the police. They informed the police that those reporters were misreporting the case. The police immediately removed the reporters from the area and took them to the police station.

Complaint filed against Shanno

The people of Subhash Colony have filed a counter-complaint against this Shanno, who was projected as a victim by The Wire in its report. The people of Subhash Colony alleged in their complaint that Salim’s wife Shanno often harasses and threatens people, claiming that she has connections with higher-ups, and can land people in false cased if opposed.

In the complaint filed at Bhajanpura police station in northeast Delhi, the locals said that the area has been peaceful since the riots of February. Still, Shanno keeps trying to instigate communal hatred among people.

The complaint filed on 11th August 2020 by the locals reads, “There is one Shanno, wife of Salim, who lives in our area. Every day she tried to spoil the atmosphere in our area and tries to instigate communal hatred. She keeps making false accusations and says that she has connections with a lawyer practising in High Court. She claims that she will file a complaint against everyone for instigating communal hatred and riots. At the same time, she is also provoking other women in the area that is spoiling the atmosphere in the locality. Everyone is worried. We request you to take strict action against those who are trying to spoil the environment in the area.”

Complaint filed against Shanno

There are a total of 14 signatures in the complaint including Deepak Goswami, Ravi Tiwari and Fakhruddin. Now the question arises how accurate is The Wire’s report and the allegations made by this Shanno?

If the report and Shanno are to be believed, people entered the area with saffron flags in an area located in India and not in Pakistan. If the incident took place in India, then why is Shanno expecting communal tension just because someone holds or puts a saffron flag in India?

The role of The Wire in this incident makes it clear that the media houses that are supporting the Islamic narrative still trying to make the Ram Mandir issue an excuse to stoke communal fires. Just like the Delhi riots, they are looking for excuses to fan hatred and instigate violence in areas which were badly hit during the Delhi riots.

In the same report by The Wire, SHO Ashok Sharma of Bhajanpura has been quoted as saying that both Hindus and Muslims live in this area. Now they are asking for actions against them. When everyone in the nation in celebrating by lighting lamps and bursting crackers than what is the issue?

SHO Sharma said that general, putting saffron flags and bursting crackers is not a crime. He added that he will talk to the local people to know more on the subject and will try to resolve the issue by mutual dialogue.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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