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“Will believe in coronavirus if Amit Shah dies”: Shaheen Bagh ‘activist’ Aiman Rizwi urges Muslims to pray for his death

"We will believe in coronavirus if Amit Shah dies," says anti-Coronavirus enthusiast Aiman Rizwi who protested at Shaheen Bagh sit-downs.

Aiman Rizwi, one of the prominent faces at the Shaheen Bagh ‘protests’ which took place to oppose the CAA which fasttracks Indian citizenship to persecuted religious minorities in neighbouring Islamic countries, has recently urged the fellow Muslims to pray for death of Home Minister Amit Shah. Rizwi also strongly believes that Coronavirus is a myth and propagated to conceal failures of Modi government.

In the 10 minute video (now deleted), Rizwi could be heard saying that this time Amit Shah should die. “Aap dua karein ki vakai agar usko corona hua hai to jo ki nahin hai, lekin agar hua hai to aap sab dua karein ki Khuda kare ki yeh marr jaaye, (You should pray that if he has got corona, which he does not have, but if he does have, then pray that he dies)” she could be heard saying. Rizwi is casting aspersions that despite having been tested positive for coronavirus, Amit Shah may not really have caught the Chinese virus.

“We will believe in coronavirus if he dies. Because none of the BJP people or BJP-friendly media people have not died of coronavirus. But if a Muslim or a Dalit gets even a normal illness then they are dying,” she claims. She further claims that this news is a ‘conspiracy’ to divert attention.

“How did he get coronavirus?” she questions displaying her lack of knowledge on how infection really spreads. As evident, she is not wearing masks herself in middle of pandemic. Wearing a mask is one of the ways to contain the spread of Chinese virus. She claims that Amit Shah had been in hiding since past five months so it is a mystery on how he could catch coronavirus.

She further floats a conspiracy theory that Amit Shah caught coronavirus because the government wants to ‘hide’ the ‘fact’ that Muslims are being beaten up to death for not wearing masks. There is no such report to corroborate such incidents. The Tablighi Jamaat attendees, however, were found beating up medical and healthcare workers as they refused to get themselves tested after Nizamuddin Markaz emerged as a hotspot for the infection earlier this year. She further reiterates that coronavirus does not exist in India.

She further states how coronavirus is a conspiracy as none of the BJP leaders who have tested positive have died. Citing example of Sambit Patra and referring to him as ‘Gobar Patra’, Rizwi says that to hide the criticism the BJP is getting they have ‘created’ coronavirus to spread panic but no one is dying. “Sambit Patra, Zee News people, Jyotiraditya Scindia and even the ‘paaltu, chatukar‘ Delhi CM Kejriwal also went on a honeymoon in the guise of coronavirus. So now they were wondering who should we say is infected. If they would have said Modi is infected, then how will he go for the Shilanyas of Ram Mandir? Hence as per strategy, they made Amit Shah get coronavirus,” she says.

Referring to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as ‘Taklu no. 2’ and ‘aatankwadi (terrorist)’, she claims that the coronavirus is created as a hype so that they can hide the fact that crores of Muslims are beaten, jailed and killed on Bakri Eid. Again, there are no such reports. She further attacks Yogi Adityanath and says that he will not go to the Shilanyas because he didn’t even go to his father’s funeral. When his elderly father passed away in April this year in middle of the pandemic, the Islamists had taken to social media to express glee. “He did not go to his father’s funeral because his father never met him. Why would anyone want to meet him? He killed his Guru to take his position,” she alleges.

“In few days he will return after his honeymoon as coronavirus does not exist. Not only in India but anywhere in the world,” she says. She further claims the leaders are sent on luxury trips under the guise of coronavirus. Rizwi then goes on to spread wild conspiracy theories on Rafale jets which are too bizarre to even make sense to mock her.

Rizwi, a regular face at the Shaheen Bagh ‘protests’ had earlier also claimed that coronavirus a farce. She was also upset at Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan for not calling out coronavirus as a conspiracy. She had also posted videos wishing death on ‘bhakts’ while using the ‘cow dung’ and ‘cow urine’ jibes.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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