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The violence and brutal reality of interfaith relationships: 20 instances were Muslim families were not as ‘accepting’ as ‘seculars’ want you to believe

Several mainstream media organisations and leftist portals undertake conscious efforts to paint such incidents as stray incidents and not as hate-crimes against Hindus, thereby whitewashing the wrongdoing committed by the Muslim perpetrators.

The recent spate of attacks on Hindu men by the kin of their Muslim love interests has brought under the spotlight the pervasive issue of the relentless subjection of Hindus to religious bigotry and intolerance by their fellow Muslim compatriots.

However, what is horrifying is that for far too long, the mainstream media organisations have studiously concealed such horrors meted out on the Hindus by either omitting the communal angle altogether into such incidents and portraying a filtered version of the incidents, leaving out critical details about their religious connotation.

Even when religions of the perpetrators and the victims are mentioned, great efforts are undertaken to minimise the religious bigotry angle of the incidents. Irrelevant motives are highlighted while the real ones are swept under the rug. Several mainstream media organisations and leftist portals undertake conscious efforts to paint such incidents as stray incidents and not as hate-crimes against Hindus, thereby whitewashing the wrongdoing committed by the Muslim perpetrators.

In this article, we make no bones about the issue at our hands and catalogue the incidents of Muslim families assaulting, killing or actively participating in eliminating Hindu men who dared to fall in love with Muslim women.

We have covered several instances when Hindu men had to pay a dear price, most of the times with their lives, only because they were in a relationship with Muslim women. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the hate crimes committed against Hindus for their love affair with Muslim women, but rather it illustrates the monstrosity faced by Hindu men for simply getting romantically involved with Muslim women.

Here are the list of 20 instances from the past two decades when Hindus have been assaulted and killed by the family members of their Muslim lover/wife:-

Dalit boy Sonu and Muslim girl Dhanishta hacked to death allegedly by the girl’s family

In 2014, a love affair between a Jatav Dalit boy and a Muslim girl in Hapur soured the yearslong relationship between the two families, who had shared sweets on Diwali as well as on Eid.

When the Muslim girl’s family learned about their affair, they issued a stern warning to the duo against meeting each other. However, the couple continued to meet each other, in defiance of the girl’s family. They had to pay with their lives as the Muslim girl’s brothers hacked Sonu to death while slitting the throat of their sister, Dhanishta, for loving a boy who was not Muslim, allegedly in front of the villagers.

18-year-old Rahul Rajput killed by Muslim girl’s brother and his friends

Recently, an 18-year-old Delhi University student Rahul Rajput was brutally hacked to death in a savage attack by at least 5 assailants—Mohammad Afroz, Mohammad Raj and 3 others—for being in a love affair with a Muslim girl. The girl’s brother, one amongst the five assailants, fiercely opposed their inter-faith relationship and sought to teach a lesson to Rajput for his continuing relationship with the Muslim girl in defiance of his strong disapproval.

On Wednesday last week, Rahul was called out Nanda Road in Adarsh Nagar on some pretext. When he reached the spot, he was attacked by a fervid mob of 4-5 people, raining incessant blows on him and mercilessly flogging him. An injured Rajput somehow managed to escape their wrath and crawl back to his house in a mortally injured state. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to the fatal injuries in his abdomen while undergoing treatment.

Lakshmipathy murdered by his Muslim girlfriend’s family in Karnataka’s Ramnagara

In another tragic incident from this month, a 24-year-old man named Lakshmipathy was murdered by family members of his Muslim girlfriend in Kudur, Ramanagara district on Tuesday last week. As per reports, Lakshmipathy was invited by the family under the pretext of discussing his wedding with the girl.

After inviting Lakshmipathy to their residence, the girl’s father—a 45-year-old Nizamuddin, his son Sikandar and two other associates named Ibrat and Mohammad—took Lakshmipathy and his elder brother Nataraj to a deserted spot in Kudur, on the pretext of marriage talks where they strangled Lakshmipathy to death after beating him.

Father and son kill daughter and her Hindu lover in Karnataka’s Hampasagara

A Muslim girl named Reshma Banu (20), a final year student at a college in Hagaribommanahalli, and Hindu boy K Nagaraj (18) PUC-II student were brutally murdered by the girl’s family over their love affair in 2017. Babu Saheb and his four sons Razak, Aran, Shabbir and Ibrahim were arrested by the police in connection with the double murder.

On March 24, 2017, the couple were found in Reshma’s house. On finding the boy in their house, Babu Saheb and his four sons thrashed Nagaraj and packed him in a gunny bag and dumped him near G Kodihalli village. When her father and brothers were assaulting Nagaraj, Reshma had come to his rescue. She sustained serious injuries while fending off the attack on Nagaraj. She was lying in a pool of blood inside her house. On his return, Saheb found his daughter alive and strangulated her to death.

Two minors—Mukesh Kumar and Noor Jehan killed by the girls’ brother and uncles in West Bihar’s Champaran

In West Bihar’s Champaran in 2017, a minor boy named Mukesh Kumar and a minor girl named Noor Jehan Khatoon were killed in a case of honour killing. The duo had fallen in love with each other but the girl’s family did not approve of their inter-faith relationship. The couple were reportedly killed by the girl’s brother Alauddin Ansari and uncles Gulsanovar and Amir Miyan who later confessed to their crimes. The bodies of the duo were recovered from two different spots in Nautan block of West Champaran district.

Upset over interfaith marriage, Muslim woman’s cousin hacks the couple to death

An interfaith couple, where the woman was nine-month pregnant, was mercilessly hacked to death by a cousin of the woman who was unhappy about her decision to marry a non-Muslim. The case pertains to 2016 when the culprit identified as Shafiq Shamsuddin Mansuri (28) a resident of Paliya in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoe district, killed both his cousin and her husband.

Shafiq was a friend of the deceased Vijay Shankar Yadav (30) and had introduced him to his cousin Sufiya Abrar Mansuri, aka Priya Yadav (22). They were both from Uttar Pradesh. It was during Vijay’s visit to Shafiq that his relationship with Sufiya evolved and they both decided to elope and marry in April 2015. Since then, Shafiq was seething with a burning desire to exact revenge on the couple.

In his statement, Shafiq admitted that he has been planning on the murder since the last year after his reputation was tarnished among the villagers for ‘facilitating Sufiya’s escape’. Police also confirmed that Shafiq had reportedly confessed of having committed the murders as his sacrifice for ‘Bakra Eid’.

Youth Congress leader Balakrishnan killed for marrying a Muslim woman

Almost 2 decades back, Youth Congress leader Balakrishnan was ferociously stabbed to death for marrying a Muslim woman in Kerala’s Kasargod. The CBI court held two guilty—Mohammad Iqbal alias Ikku of Thekkil, Chattachal, Kasargod, and Mohammed Haneef alias Jackie Haneef of Thalangara, Kasargod, for Balakrishnan’s murder. 3 months after his marriage, the accused had taken him in a car and stabbed him to death.

Kerala man set ablaze by Muslim girl’s brother-in-law

The vice-captain of Kerala junior football team, Jithu Mohan, was set on fire for his romantic liaison with a Muslim girl. The footballer later succumbed to his burn injuries at General hospital in Kochi in October 2012. Before his death, Mohan recorded his statement, alleging that the Muslim girl’s brother-in-law Wahad, one constable, and others set him ablaze at his residence in Kodungallur. He had gone to Wahad’s residence to meet the girl who was confined there.

Woman killed by brother and father for being in a relationship with a Hindu Man

In August 2018, a Muslim woman was strangulated and mutilated by her father and brother in Purba Burdwan district, West Bengal, for being in a relationship with a Hindu man. The duo, residents of Bihar’s Jamalpur, were later arrested by the police from Kolkata.

The two admitted to killing the woman with a rope inside a moving vehicle, while they were taking her back to Jamalpur and then dumped her body in the agricultural land after defacing her face with a stone, a police official revealed.

Muslim woman alleges her family hatched a conspiracy with the help of police to eliminate her Hindu husband

A love marriage between a Hindu man and a Muslim man came to an abrupt and tragic end when the family members of the woman allegedly got their Hindu son-in-law killed. The man, Rajneesh Sharma, had died in police custody following which his wife, Aanchal, who belonged to a Muslim family, accused her family of hatching a conspiracy to eliminate her husband with the help of police.

Earlier, police had picked Sharma, in connection with the abduction the girl whom he had married, from his brother Pawan Sharma’s house in Sarwal area of Jammu on the intervening night of September 29-30. Sharma was found hanging in his jail cell but his autopsy report revealed that he was tortured before his death. Aanchal, who was Amina before her marriage, alleged her family members’ involvement in Sharma’s death.

Kangaroo court executes a Hindu man for marrying a Muslim woman

About 12 years back in August 2008, a man named Shailendra Prasad was executed by a kangaroo court in Murshidabad after his wife’s father suspected that the man is not a Muslim. Munera Bibi and Prasad fell in love and got married to each other while they were in Mumbai. They also had a 10-month-old child when the duo decided to visit the woman’s village in West Bengal.

The man took up the pretence of a Muslim man to conceal his actual religious identity but his father grew suspicious of his son-in-law’s religious affiliation and reported the same to village elders. A ‘salishi’ (kangaroo court) was called which issued summons to Prasad and discovered his true religious identity. He was awarded ‘death sentence’. Three days later, a beheaded body was found in a gunny bag in a jute field but the police couldn’t identify the man. 10 days later, the woman lodged a complaint with the police after which incident came to light.

Girl tied to a tree and thrashed for eloping with a Hindu man in Bihar

In October 2018, an 18-year-old Muslim girl was tied up to a tree and beaten up for hours just because she eloped away with a Hindu man in Bihar. The girl was brought back by her family and as a punishment, she was publicly flogged by the Village Panchayat members. The video of the Panchayat members meting out the punishment to her had gone viral on the internet.

Dalit man assaulted by the family members of his Muslim wife in Karnataka

A brawl over an interfaith marriage led to an assault of a Dalit man who had married a Muslim woman. The case belongs to June 2018 when a man named Manjunath Gaikwad was physically attacked by his father-in-law Mohammed Chawoos, mother-in-law Nasima Begum, brother-in-law Saif Ali and four other persons near Naukarara Bhavana of Jewargi in Kalaburagi. In his complaint to police, Gaikwad said that he was attacked on the account of his interfaith marriage with their daughter a year ago. The Muslim family was against their daughter Salma marrying a Dalit man. Following the assault, the duo had sought police protection, fearing that Salma’s family members might kill them.

Muslim woman miraculously survives an honour killing attempt by her family members

In 2017, a 20-year-old Muslim woman in Kamalpur Kafirpur village in Sambhal, about 100 km from Meerut, survived an honour killing attempt by her brother, who shot her in presence of their father because she had an affair with a Hindu man.

The brother flew into a rage when he saw her sister talking to a Hindu man and shot the girl in presence of their father. The accused then concocted a story of loot to allege that miscreant shot at his sister while robbing their house but the story fell flat and he was arrested for attempting to murder her sister.

Ankit Saxena murdered in broad daylight in Delhi by the family of his Muslim girlfriend Shehzadi

One of the most high-profile cases of a Hindu man becoming the victim of a hostile Muslim family because they disapproved his relationship with their daughter was of one Ankit Saxena in Delhi. The young man was killed by her Muslim girlfriend’s family because they were strongly opposed to their relationship. Ankit was stabbed and beheaded by the family members of his girlfriend Shehzadi on February 1, 2018.

Eyewitness accounts suggested that Shehzadi’s mother wore a helmet and rode her scooter to the traffic intersection where they knew Ankit was present. She then rammed her scooter into Ankit’s vehicle so that Ankit would be forced to step out to help. As she was wearing a helmet, Ankit could not identify her and stepped out to help.

The woman then confronted Ankit and soon she was joined by her other family members. They all began to heckle and abuse Ankit blaming him that he had influenced Shehzadi to leave the house. When Ankit bent down to help his mother get up, the girl’s uncle and brother then caught him by his hair and pulled him up. At that moment, while the two of them held Ankit’s arms from behind, the girl’s father had slit his throat using his butchering knife.

Dalit Man beaten to death in Rajasthan because he fell in love with a Muslim girl

A Dalit man, Khetram Bhim(22), was beaten to death allegedly because of his romantic links with a Muslim girl in Barmer village of Rajasthan in 2018. Bhim was reportedly having an affair with a member of his employer Mehboob Khan’s family.

The incident came to light when villagers chanced upon the victim’s dead body three days after he went missing. As per victim’s brother, Hariram Bhil, Bhim was called by Sadam Khan and Haiyaat Khan on the day of his death to a field, where a group of seven men were waiting for his brother. Once Khetram reached the spot, he was tied and reportedly beaten to death.

Jaideep Garwa in Bhuj clobbered to death with sharp-edged weapons for being in love with a Muslim girl

Jaideep Garwa, a Dalit resident of Kotai Village of Bhuj Taluka was clobbered to death because he was in love with a woman from the Muslim community. The police concluded that the cause of the murder was his love affair with a Muslim girl.

As per the complaint filed in the case, Jaideep was in love with one Mohammed Sama’s daughter. However, Sama was defiantly against their relationship. Holding a grudge against Jaideep, Sama and his brother Shamsuddin decided to eliminate Jaideep. On the day of the crime, Jaideep was abducted and killed with the help of sharp-edged and blunt objects by the accused. His body was later thrown near Palara Central Jail.

Sanjay Kumar killed by Muslim ex-wife’s family in Faridabad

In yet another case motivated by religious bigotry, a Hindu man named Sanjay Kumar was killed by the members of his Muslim ex-wife’s family. Sanjay was reportedly murdered by the woman’s father and a neighbour, along with her brother in Faridabad of the National Capital Region in August 2018.

What’s particularly horrifying about this case is that the girl’s family had already gotten their daughter to divorce with Sanjay a couple of months before his murder. Even after securing the divorce, the members of the Muslim family brutally murdered him. The body of the victim was recovered a few days later in a decomposed state.

9 years after their marriage, Brijesh killed by her Muslim wife’s family members

Even a lapse of 9 years did not lessen the hatred harboured by the Muslim family of Brijesh’s wife against their daughter’s marriage to a Dalit man. Brijesh was killed by a 24-year-old Azharuddin when the former was working in his field at Allahabas village in December 2019.

After killing Brijesh, Azharuddin walked to the police with an axe in his hand and confessing to the crime of killing his sister’s husband. Defending his actions, Azharuddin said that for 9 years, his family had been facing humiliation after her sister decided to marry a Dalit man in the village and was staying in the same village, following which he decided to kill Brijesh.

Man stabbed to death over a love affair with a Muslim girl

In January 2020, a 19-year-old was stabbed to death over his love affair with the sister of the two accused, who killed him in Shikarpur village of Bhachau in Kutch. Kripalsinh Jadeja, the victim, was killed in broad daylight by the Muslim girl’s brothers, Imran and Mushtaq.

When Imran and Mushtaq came to know about the love affair between their sister and the victim Kripalsinh Jadeja, they called him and asked him to meet them. After Jadeja reached the meeting point, Imran and Mushtaq who were already present at the place launched an assault against him. As per eyewitness account, Mushtaq slit Jadeja’s throat with a knife and then fled away on a motorcycle with Imran.

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