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Who is the man in farmer protest video, lying about ‘govt snatching farmland’: Profile of an actor and Khalistan supporter

Shockingly, Deep Sidhu, who is now portraying himself to be an aggrieved farmer during the protests, is a known Khalistan sympathiser. Sidhu has time-and-again defended the terrorist activities of pro-Khalistan groups.

Amidst the ongoing ‘farmer protests’ along the Punjab-Haryana border, a video has gone viral on social media platforms in which a person claiming to be a farmer was heard saying that the farmers protests will be the defining moment of the geopolitics of not just India but also entire South Asia.

In the video that has gone viral now, one individual wearing black attire and a white turban can be seen arguing with the police officers demanding the opening of roads blockades along the Punjab-Haryana border that has been closed currently pre-empting the violent protests.

The protesting ‘farmer’ in the video can be heard saying that these farmer protests were nothing but an “Inquilab” (revolution). The person then goes on to subtly threaten the authorities saying that they were failing to understand the seriousness of the matter as this ‘revolution’ (protests) will define the next geopolitics of the entire country and South Asia.

Seen with a group of protestors at one of the blockades, the turban-clad man makes several misleading statements by citing the recently passed farm laws to claim that the lands of the farmers are being snatched away.

The person who has now become an internet sensation, thanks to his theatrics, is named Deep Sidhu, and he is not known to be a farmer. Deep Sidhu is a Punjabi film actor, who was once an associate of BJP MP Sunny Deol. Currently, Sidhu has been forefront at the farmers’ protests in Punjab and had participated in a protest at Batala last week. 

Meanwhile, the video that has gone viral on the internet evoked mixed response as some social media users took a dig at Sidhu for portraying himself as an aggrieved farmer. Netizens also mocked the ‘urban farmer’ for connecting the farmer protests to impacting geopolitics in the region.

Deep Sidhu leading farmers protests, makes misleading claims about farm laws

Ever since the farmer began their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march to protest against the three farm bills that were passed by the Modi government, the actor Deep Sidhu has been part of the protest march. The actor has uploaded several videos for the last two days reporting on his journey from Punjab to Delhi.

In one of the videos he has uploaded on Facebook, Sidhu can be seen arguing with the police personnel asking them to remove blockades so that they can continue to drive to Delhi. Sidhu asking the police officers to show their written order to stop these protestors also claims that these protests are peaceful.

Continuing to argue with the police officials, the actor again falsely claims that the lands of the farmers are being snatched. Shockingly, the actor claiming to be a responsible farmer can be seen violating the COVID safety guidelines by neither wearing a mask nor maintaining social distancing in the public.

Here is the video in which Sidhu can be seen arguing with the police personnel.

As Sidhu continued to move towards Delhi, he seems to have further encountered police blockades restricting their movement towards Delhi. Bizarrely, in one of the videos, one can see how Sidhu’s theatrics on the streets are nothing but orchestrated events. In the video, one of the persons can be heard giving a cue by saying ‘Start Bhai’ to the actor asking him to begin his enactment of protests as the person records the video.

As the recording begins, Sidhu sneaks below the barbed wires to confront the police personnel across the barricades asking them to open the blockade. The police officers can be requesting the actor to return back and continue to march to Delhi when necessary COVID guidelines are issued. One of the officers also requests Sidhu and his aides to wear a mask.

However, the actor brazens it out as one of his supporters says nobody wore a mask in Bihar during the recently concluded elections and the police cannot ask them to do so.

“Lakhs of people are coming to Delhi. How will you ask them to wear a mask? The lands are being snatched and these farmers survive if their land is protected, otherwise this COVID, we are seeing it from two months,” the actor says propagating same misinformation on his Facebook live video.

In another video, Sidhu can be saying the farm laws are nothing but a form of ‘state terrorism’. The actor attacking the Prime Minister Modi says that he needs to understand that he is not running a tea stall but a country.

“They want to take away the land of the farmers. The farmers have broken barricades and took over water canons. Suspend these laws. This as a peaceful agitation. The government should treat them humanly,” the actor said in another Facebook live video.

Deep Sidhu a known Khalistan-terrorists sympathiser

Shockingly, Deep Sidhu, who is now portraying himself to be an aggrieved farmer in the video, is a known Khalistan sympathiser. Sidhu has time-and-again defended the terrorist activities of pro-Khalistan groups.

Just a few weeks back, Deep Sidhu had expelled a lawyer known Hakam Singh for ruthlessly objecting to the raising of the pro-Khalistan slogan by another pro-Khalistani sympathiser and for handing him over to the police.

The lawyer had reacted to the slogan in a harsh manner after a Punjabi youth had raised pro-Khalistani slogans at a morcha. The lawyer had immediately taken him to the police personnel deployed nearby and asked them to arrest him by registering FIR against him. Losing temper over it, he offered to become a complainant against him.

Reacting to the incident, Sidhu had released a video defending the sacking of lawyer from his morcha for acting against pro-Khalistan sympathisers. In the video, Sidhu had openly opposed the action of Hakam Singh while announcing his expulsion.

“Taking such a decision was very necessary because our quam has made scores of sacrifices for the cause of Khalistan. If anyone raises a slogan in its favour, our reaction to it cannot be so ruthless,” the actor had said defending the Khalistani movement.

Hailing the Khalistani terror movements, Deep Sidhu had said that the armed Sikh struggle fought during the 90s was an important phase of their overall present struggle for their basic rights. He added, “I would like to say again that neither armed Sikh struggle was wrong, nor a declaration of Khalistan. Raising pro-Khalistan slogans was also not wrong”.

Ironically, netizens mocked Deep Sidhu when he said this protests or ‘revolution’ would define the geopolitics of South Asia. However, if one looks at the pro-Khalistan affiliations of Deep Sidhu, his statements cannot be taken in a light-hearted manner as it may have been the real motive after all and these farmer protests are just facade to create unrest in the country.

Perhaps, in a Freudian slip, Deep Sidhu accidentally revealed the sinister plan of the Khalistani movement to use the opportunity of farmers protests to create instability in the region and incite Punjabi farmers against the Modi government in the name of protesting against the farm bills. Earlier, we had reported how the farmer protests are being hijacked by several Khalistani elements, posing a great risk for the security apparatus of the country.

Khalistani elements hijacking the farmer protests

On Friday, the ongoing farmer protests along the Punjab-Haryana border also saw the participation of pro-Khalistani elements, who tried to hijack the farmer protests to incite Punjabi farmers against the Modi government.

A few Khalistani terror sympathisers disguised as farmers were caught gloating over the assassination of the former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who also threatened PM Modi with a similar fate if their demands went unfulfilled.

In one of the videos from the protests, one of the demonstrators can be seen threatening PM Modi with dire consequences if the solution is not reached in the upcoming meeting between the farmers and the Centre over the agriculture bills.

“December 3 ko meeting hai, agar hal koi hua toh thik hai nahin toh…aap jaante nahin…hamare shaheed Udham Singh ne goro ko Canada me jake thoka…Indira thok di…Modi ki chhati mein…(If we can hit the whites in Canada, Delhi is nothing. We had bumped off Indira. A similar fate awaits PM Modi if the talks that are scheduled to happen on December 3 do not yield the desired results),” the Khalistani sympathiser threatened while talking to media.

Further, the protests, apparently carried out by the farmers, were taken control by the Khalistani supporters, who raised pro-Khalistani slogans hailing the face of Khalistani movement – Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

Even in September 2020, shortly after the Parliament passed the agriculture bills and protests began in Punjab, pro-Khalistani slogans were raised by protesters who had gathered in Ambala. An Army cavalcade was blocked and pro-Khalistan slogans were shouted during the protests in Ambala. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered on a busy Ambala-Amritsar National Highway-1, shouting pro-Khalistani slogans and stopped the Army trucks from passing through the highway.

Death wishes made at the farmer protests

Slogans against PM Modi and the central government has been an integral part of the demonstrations carried out by the so-called farmers in Punjab. In one of the blockades organised to express their disapproval over the farm bills, protesters wished death upon PM Modi.

At 8:47 in the above video, the protesters chant, “haye haye modi mar gaya, mar gaya bhai mar gaya” which roughly translates to the death wish for PM Modi. At another instance in the video, the demonstrators shout, “Ikki dukki chakk deyange, dhaun te goda rakh deyange (Every Tom, Dick and Harry will be knocked out, their necks will be under our feet).”

Interestingly, Deep Sidhu, who poses to be a farmer, was forefront at these rallies where death wishes against PM Modi were made. He was leading the protests against the police officials demanding them to open the blockade.

Earlier, we had also reported how Islamic organisations and left-wing elements are also attempting to hijack the farmer protests by fanning these protestors to continue to protest against the Modi government. The Congress parties links to inciting the so-called protestors have also emerged.

To sustain these protests, mosques and Islamic organisations in the national capital, who had an active role in the Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots, are getting involved in the farmer-protest posing a great risk for the security apparatus of the country.

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