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Multiple links between the farmer protest and those who had fanned Delhi anti-Hindu riots and the JNU violence emerge: Read how

With Congress party fanning the protest and mosques, Islamic organisations and functionaries who had an active role in the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots 2020 getting involved, the farmer-protest, which have now been hijacked by several Khalistani elements, poses a great risk for the security apparatus of the country.

As farmer protests continue on the Haryana-Punjab border to protest against the three farm bills passed by the Modi government, details have emerged revealing how the very people who had instigated JNU violence and the Anti-Hindu riots in Delhi early this year are now fanning the ‘farmer protests’ along the Haryana-Punjab border.

Thousands of farmers have marched towards the national capital to protest against the passing of alleged ‘anti-farm’ laws by the Modi government. Anticipating violence, Haryana Police enhanced deployment of security personnel and used fencing along the Singhu Border.

On Thursday, the Haryana Police had to use tear gas and water cannons, and carried out cane charges, but failed to stop the protesters. The police have taken several farmer leaders into preventive custody over the last two days.

Amidst all these events, shocking details have emerged linking the ongoing ‘farmer protests’ to the JNU violence unleashed by the left-wing students inside the university campus in January and the subsequent Anti-CAA riots that engulfed the national capital.

During the JNU violence, a series of screenshots of WhatsApp conversations purportedly used by the mobsters to coordinate the violence had made into social media. A part of such conversation was shared by controversial journalist Barkha Dutt, in which the name of Anand Mangnale had surfaced.

Anand Mangnale, who has previously worked with JD(U)’s Prashant Kishore, was a strategist for Gandhi-scion Rahul Gandhi in 2016 ahead of Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections. The WhatsApp conversations had revealed that Mangnale was a key figure in organising students to protest inside the JNU campus on that fateful day.

Anand Mangnale, who had initially claimed that he had sneaked into a ‘right-wing group’ to get information. However, it later emerged that he was invited directly by the admin of the group ‘Unity Against Left’, thereby shattering his claims of infiltration.

The violence had started after some students registered for the winter semester and a group of left-wing students opposing the same forcibly evicted the technical staff and made servers dysfunctional. During the act, these left-groups had attacked the server rooms and had injured several students.

The full story of what had transpired then can be read here.

Is Anand Mangnale, the Congress sympathiser who was a key person in the JNU violence and how he is now fanning farmer protest

In a fresh development, Anand Manganale, the person associated with the Congress party who was one of the people who had fanned JNU violence, was caught fanning the ‘farmer protest’ on Friday on Twitter.

Anand Mangnale, took to Twitter on Friday to instigate the already frenzied mob along the Haryana-Punjab border. Mangnale, posting the videos of the protest, noted how farmers have broken through the barricade and pushed the containers, filled the holes, removed cement structures and created a road despite police using water cannon.

In another tweet, Mangnale said that the containers and the water cannons of the police will not stop the farmers.

Further, hailing farmers for vandalising public properties and creating a public nuisance by blocking roads along the Haryana-Punjab border, Mangnale celebrated the breaking down of cement structures by these farmers.

Dreaming of a civil resistance, Mangnale said that the massive barricades will now be removed by force. The tractors which are used for farming, will now be used for civil resistance, said Anand Mangnale gloating over the destruction of public property.

Not just Anand Mangnale, a pattern is now emerging as the very same people who had instigated mobs during the anti-CAA and anti-Hindu Delhi riots have now been caught attempting to create similar chaos in the name of ‘Delhi Chalo’ farmer protests marches.

Yogendra Yadav at the forefront of farmers protest just as he was during the Anti-CAA protests

The left-wing activist Yogendra Yadav, who now claims to be a farmer leader, has once again put himself at the forefront of the so-called protests. Calling a democratically passed farm law as anti-farmer, Swaraj Abhiyan chief Yogendra Yadav tried to mislead the farmers by not only stating that they are not allowed to protest but also said that the law is inherently anti-farmer.

Yadav, who was till last week was a ‘Bihar election expert’ somehow transformed himself to be a farmer leader in a span of one week. He has now mobilised some of his party workers and has hit the streets to protest against the farm laws.

It is pertinent to note that Yogendra Yadav has also been accused of instigating mobs in the run-up to the Anti-CAA riots in Delhi in December last year and the subsequent Anti-Hindu Delhi riots that were unleashed by Muslim mobs on the streets of national capital during the last week of February this year.

According to the charge-sheet of the Delhi riots conspiracy case, in a protest organised by ‘United Against Hate’, Yogendra Yadav joining hands with riot-accused Umar Khalid, Nadeem Khan, Sharjeel Imam, had delivered speeches against the CAA. Reportedly, Umar Khalid, who was his “senior and mentor” from JNU introduced to the mastermind of Anti-Hindu Delhi riots Sharjeel Imam to Yogendra Yadav at this agitation.

Many witnesses had disclosed to the police that earlier, Umar Khalid had already told Sharjeel Imam to make a group of “like-minded individuals” from JNU, Jamia, DU etc and had explained the concept of Chakka Jam to him. As an extension of that theme, at the meeting with Yogendra Yadav, he was told to “mobilise students of Jamia, DU and AMU”.

According to the charge-sheet, during this meeting, it was decided between Yogendra Yadav, Sharjeel Imam and Umar Khalid that social media would be used to indoctrinate Muslims and for the mobilisation of people for Chakka Jam. Similarly, activists of far-left group Pinjra Tod – Natasha Narwal and Devangana Kalita had allegedly confessed to the Delhi Police saying that Yogendra Yadav and others had given them directions to protest in different parts of Delhi against the CAA and NRC.

The charge-sheet discloses the involvement of the likes of Yogendra Yadav in the early stages of the anti-CAA protests that later engulfed across Delhi. Similar to Anti-CAA protests, Yogendra Yadav has now been mobilising forces in the name of ‘farmer protests’, allegedly to create havoc on the streets of the national capital.

Mosques to arrange food for ‘protestors’ in Delhi, the involvement of ‘United Against Hate’, accused in Delhi Riots

Further, interesting details have emerged that hints at how the so-called ‘farmers protests’ have been carefully orchestrated with a great amount of planning.

Massive arrangements are being made in Delhi to sustain these ‘farmer protests’. According to left-wing journalist Aditya Menon, many mosques in Delhi are arranging foods for ‘farmers’ coming from Punjab, Haryana and other states.

Interestingly, even as a section of the protesting ‘farmers’ raise pro-Khalistan slogans, a Muslim organisation, United Against Hate, that is an accused in the Delhi Riots 2020 case, is now seen getting involved the in ‘farmer protest’. 

Reportedly, UAH has made arrangements to supply food and other logistics to the protesting ‘farmers’ in Delhi. The UAH, joining hands with 25 mosques in the city, will be providing food supplies to the agitating farmers and also a place to stay in the national capital in an attempt to sustain and prolong these protests in the national capital.

According to Nadeem Khan of the United Against Hate (UAH), his organisation was doing everything possible to reach out to the farmers who are protesting against the Modi government. He said four kitchens have been working round the clock at four locations to arrange food for these protestors. They have been set up at Hauz Khas, Okhla, Old Rohtak Road and Old Delhi. 

“We are feeding people at these locations. We are also delivering food packets to places from wherever requests are coming. Besides, our vans with food packets are going to places where farmers are found in big numbers,” he said.

It is pertinent to note that ‘United Against Hate’ is founded by none other than riots accused Khalid Saifi. Saifi, a radical Islamist is accused of instigating Muslim mobs and colliding with anti-India forces to plan the Anti-CAA protests that later turned into communal riots in Delhi. 

Even Home Minister Amit Shah had made a special mention of this organisation during the parliamentary debate on Delhi’s riots. Shah said in the parliament, “United Against Hate – the name sounds so pious but look what they advocated. They said, ‘(Donald) Trump is about to come, we should block the streets’.” 

Saifi was earlier arrested by the Delhi police from the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protest site at Khajuri Khas on February 26. He is charged under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for allegedly plotting riots in the national capital. 

According to the chargesheet, Saifi was in touch with Umar Khalid. Khalid Saifi had arranged a meeting between Umar Khalid and former AAP member Tahir Hussain on the 8th of January at Shaheen Bagh. In that meeting, it was decided to take ‘big action’ so the government gets shaken up on the issue of CAA and NRC and also, ensure that the international community takes notice of that action.

The details mentioned in the charge-sheet filed in the Jafrabad riot case and Chand Bagh riots case assert that the UAH was one of the masterminds of the Anti-Hindu riots that convulsed the national capital in February this year. The communal riots were a part of a deep-rooted, well-planned conspiracy to throw Delhi into a state of anarchy.

It is not an unknown fact anymore regarding the role played by mosques and Islamic organisations both in the run-up and during the Anti-CAA riots and the subsequent Anti-Hindu riots in Delhi. OpIndia had reported how mosques were used to incite and gather the Muslim mob to protest against the centre after the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

It was reported that announcements were made on loudspeakers of the nearest mosques in Delhi’s Seelampur area to gather Muslim mob to carry out protests against the Modi government that later turned violent.

Even though the so-called farmers protest march or ‘Delhi Chalo’ projects itself to be a peaceful march, there have been instances of the crowd turning violent near the Haryana-Punjab border. Attempts are also being made allegedly by various forces to sustain these so-called protests and intensify it in the national capital to conspire against the Modi government.

With Congress party fanning the protest and mosques, Islamic organisations and functionaries who had an active role in the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots 2020 getting involved, the farmer-protest, which have now been hijacked by several Khalistani elements, poses a great risk for the security apparatus of the country.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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