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In India, Hindus are never lynched

Don't let another Rinku Sharma be lynched by a communal mob because you chose to either stay silent or justify this.

Lynch. defines ‘lynch’ as “to put to death, especially by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority”. But in India, if you are a Hindu and have fallen victim to a mob of other religion, you will find the ‘liberals’ trying to their whitewash the crime of your perpetrators or, you know, blame you for your own murder.

Earlier today, Delhi Police arrested four more accused in the sensational Rinku Sharma murder case in Delhi. They were identified through a CCTV footage.

See how Rinku was beaten up with lathis and sticks till one man wearing a black shirt comes with a knife and stabs him from behind? Notice how they were joined by at least three women? None of them tried to stop the mob from killing Rinku Sharma.

You know how the ‘liberals’ reacted? Here is an example.

Rinku Sharma was ‘murdered’, not ‘lynched’ by a Muslim mob. Because, obviously, Hindus don’t get ‘lynched’. That Rinku was a Bajrang Dal activist and had participated in Ram Mandir donation collection drive obviously had nothing to do with him killed. It is just an old feud.

But remember, when 15-year old Junaid was killed in a moving train in 2017 over seat sharing? Here is what the Punjab and Haryana High Court observed:

Extract of High Court Judgement

But you know how media had reported? FirstPost claimed Junaid was killed because of accusations of him carrying beef.

FirstPost on Junaid killing

Times of India too had made the same assertion.

Times of India on Junaid killing

Multiple protests were held by celebrity protestors across the country under the ‘Not in my name’ banner.

Shabana Azmi during ‘Not in my name’ protest

See how a murder of a Muslim boy had turned communal in just few days? A bit of headline mischief by certain media houses and the ‘Hindu nationalists’ were accused of making India a dangerous place for minority Muslims.

But if a Hindu is murdered by a Muslim mob and act is also caught on camera, somehow the ‘liberals’ will find a way to blame him for their own murder. ‘Rinku Sharma brought the knife that killed him’ reports were written and widely shared. Because, clearly, if Rinku Sharma didn’t want to be lynched, he just shouldn’t have taken birth.

And why just Rinku Sharma. When Aam Aadmi Party leader Tahir Hussain and his accomplices are accused of leading a mob that killed IB officer Ankit Sharma during the Delhi riots in 2020, it was not communal. So what if Ankit Sharma was stripped naked to check his religion. Not communal at all. Or when Ankit Saxena was murdered by his Muslim girlfriend’s family in 2018 in Delhi in what was reported as a well-planned strategy, no ‘not in my name’ protests took place.

So you see, Hindus are never lynched by particularly peaceful community in India because of their being Hindus.

That is how mainstream media and the celebrity professionals want you to believe. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Don’t let another Rinku Sharma be lynched by a communal mob because you chose to either stay silent or justify this.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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