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Why American liberals need to shut up about India

Dear American liberals, give India a break and look at your own country. The one that kneels before China and wags its finger at India.

This is a visual from CNN, the most powerful brand in television news all over the world.

CNN on ‘peaceful protests’

The building is burning right behind their reporter. The mob just burned it down. But CNN describes the situation with a one-liner that is beyond parody: fiery but mostly peaceful. Why? Because American liberal bosses have approved these riots. And CNN, the biggest name in television news, has to grovel before them.

Dear American liberals, this is your media. You own this.

Of late, American liberals have developed an obsession with “speaking truth to power” in India. The first world saviors have offered a helping hand to their ideological cousins in India, who struggle against the supposedly authoritarian regime of PM Modi. Like that CNN reporter, the first world saviors also need to turn around and take a look.

What is American liberal media doing to their country, to ordinary Americans? Did you know that 2020 was the most deadly year in decades for violent crime in the United States? Big urban centers such as Chicago and New York saw a 37-40% increase in violent crime. City after city smashed all previous records for murder. Nationwide, violent crime was up by as much as 20%.

What were the liberals doing? The BBC, the Economist, the New York Magazine were busy making excuses and floating wild theories to explain the data away. The Economist ran with a headline that said fears of a crime wave in the US are “overblown.” Indeed, why would The Economist care if murders in Chicago or Atlanta are up by 56%? The murders happened in poor and black neighborhoods, from where the American liberal elite have isolated themselves a long time ago.

For the liberal media, it was much more important to rally the folks in black neighborhoods with the slogan of “Defund the Police.” Because they had an election to win. For all its faults, the police is a public good. Anyone, rich or poor, can call the police. You can’t call the New York Times when armed gangs are breaking down your front door, can you?

But there is little crime where the rich white liberals live. And worst comes to worst, the rich white liberals can get private security, which many of them did. For them, it makes sense to rile up the poor against a public good so that it gets banned. Now there’s no police and people in poor neighborhoods are getting murdered. But who cares? Trump lost.

Dear American liberals, give India a break and look at your own country. The current governor of New York is Andrew Cuomo. Till date, he has been accused of sexual harassment by six women. But because he is a liberal, you can’t do anything about it. Imagine that: in the whole of New York, there isn’t a single feminist anywhere. All of them, it seems, have relocated to villages of Uttar Pradesh, where they intend to teach UP Police about the finer points of postmodern feminist theory.

When the pandemic struck last year, New York governor Andrew Cuomo ordered elderly Covid patients into nursing homes, resulting in thousands of deaths. Nothing to worry. He just refused to report those deaths. Recently, his aide admitted on tape that they deliberately lied to the Federal Government. Why? Because if they gave the real numbers, Trump might have tweeted against them and this could have hurt the liberals in elections. Again, this is also on tape.

Imagine that. The liberal governor of New York built death camps for the elderly under the nose of the New York Times. Thousands of people died. There were so many bodies that trucks full of dead were lined up for weeks. And with all the world’s most liberal news organizations headquartered in New York, nobody wanted to investigate. Because politics.

Meanwhile, the news anchors on CNN and MSNBC and the late night comedians were competing with each other over who can praise Cuomo the most. Grown men and women, folks on whom the public depends for news and analysis, admitted they were getting turned on by the governor. The following is an actual passage from The New Yorker: all red colored heart emojis appear in the original text, which they titled : Andrew Cuomo – the king of New York. Yes, really.

New Yorker on Cuomo

They had a term for this. They called it ‘Cuomosexuality.’ The liberal governor even went on to brag about his achievements by writing a bestselling book, for which he made over a million dollars in advances alone! He also bagged an Emmy for his press conferences.

So the liberal governor of New York was a notorious sexual harasser who set up death camps for the elderly and then made millions of dollars bragging about it. Dear American liberals, what have you done to your country?

The elderly folks who died in Cuomo’s death camps were not part of the elite. They had no power. For the American liberal machine, they were just roadkill. If the governor has faultless and pure, guess whose fault it really was?

The coronavirus was mainly brought into nursing homes by employees, many of whom never developed symptoms, said David Grabowski, a health care policy professor at Harvard Medical School.

In other words, don’t blame the liberal governor who sent Covid patients into nursing homes. Blame the little people who work in nursing homes. This is liberal America today, “speaking truth to power.” Here is a very similar comment on the liberals who run California, from an expert at yet another great American institution.

“Do you build hospitals with the anticipation of these once-a-century epidemics?” says Ralph Catalano, a professor of public health at UC Berkeley, “or do you build them for 98 percent of the time?”

See? Don’t blame the liberal government if thousands of people die in the richest state in the richest country in the world. Blame bad luck, the experts say. Yes, they are experts at knowing which side their bread is buttered.

This is the American liberal elite: compromised and pathetic. And they dare point fingers at us. Most of all, because they know it is safe.

Imagine if America faced half the challenges we do. What if they had to fight Covid with one hand, while dealing with mass poverty and a rickety healthcare system on the other? We had just finished building toilets for everyone when the pandemic struck. Where were we going to find hospital beds and ventilators for everyone? And when we have our hands full with Covid, imagine having to fight off China on our borders with one leg.

How would America fare in a situation like this? The other day Joe Biden went on his knees and suggested the genocide of Uighurs could be more of China having different “cultural norms.”

That’s liberal America which is finding fault with India. Despite all the challenges in the world, our systems did not collapse. We never had to leave trucks full of dead bodies in the streets. In less than a year, we even developed our own vaccine. At the moment, we are vaccinating 20 lakh people a day. We are also shipping these vaccines to some 50 countries. Oh and we held our own against China. They had to disengage.

How would Joe Biden handle even a tenth of this?

Did you know that California still cannot open its schools? Because the teachers unions control the schools and the teachers unions give huge donations to the ruling Democrat party. The teachers get their salaries but they don’t have to work. Meanwhile, millions of kids are going without an education. Not all kids, mind you. Only the poor kids, who go to the public schools. The rich white liberals are sending their own kids to private schools.

American liberals are so compromised by political interests that they cannot stand up to a teachers union in the interest of millions of kids who need an education. How do you think they would stand up to Xi Jinping?

In liberal America, it is all about the soft targets now. Blame the guy who sweeps the nursing home floor for Covid deaths instead of blaming the governor who sent Covid patients there. Never ever point a finger at the powerful.

That’s why India is getting so much hate from liberal America right now. Because we are a soft target. We are a democracy. You can get away with criticizing us. Most of us follow a strange pagan religion, which is not part of a big global Abrahmic league. It is always open season against Hindus.

That’s the principle of liberal America today, Lash the weak and grovel before the strong.

There is a reason people used to look up to America. Once upon a time, America freed the world from Hitler. Once upon a time, America ended the evil Communist empire. But the people who did that have faded away. Worse, they are all canceled. Those who fought real evil on the beaches of Normandy have all been canceled today. Those who fight statues on college campuses are the new heroes.

There is no reason to respect the new liberal America. The one that kneels before China and wags its finger at India. As CNN would likely say, America is kneeling but mostly a superpower.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Abhishek Banerjee
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