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Indian dancer Amarnath Ghosh shot dead in the US, officials not providing any information nor handing over the body to kins, alleges writer Meenakshi...

On Friday, March 1, writer and founder of Ayodhya Foundation Meenakshi Sharan took to X to inform about the shocking demise of West Bengal's Birbhum-based Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dancer Amarnath Ghosh

US man sues Dunkin’ Donuts claiming a toilet at its Florida outlet exploded on him and covered him in human feces and urine

A man has sued the American multinational coffee and doughnut company Dunkin' Donuts franchise store in Florida claiming that a malfunctioning toilet in the outlet exploded on him leaving him covered in debris including 'human feces and urine'

After ‘Samosa Caucus’, ‘Hindu Caucus’ formed in the US Congress, read what it is and how it will advocate Hindu issues & interests in...

The US Congress has recently announced the formation of the Hindu Caucus. This new group of lawmakers is dedicated to advancing and protecting the interests of the Hindu community.

American clothing giant Abercrombie & Fitch accused of funding and aiding ex-CEO Mike Jeffries to run a sex-trafficking organisation

American clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch has been slapped with a lawsuit alleging sexual abuse of its male models under its former CEO Mike Jeffries

After Islamist terror attack by Hamas on Israel, American landlord stabs 6-year-old Palestinian boy 26 times screaming ‘Muslims must die’

Following the widespread devastation that the Palestinian Islamist terror group Hamas inflicted upon Israel, the American landlord barged into the house of his tenant and launched a vicious attack on the mother-son duo, screaming "You Muslims must die"

North Korea confirms custody of Travis King, the US Soldier who dashed into North Korea from South Korea last month

North Korea has confirmed custody of US Army soldier Private Travis King in its first response to requests for information on his whereabouts

America can learn a lot from India: Former USCIRF Commissioner Johnnie Moore on PM Modi’s Indian diaspora address

Speaking to ANI, the former commissioner of US Commission on International Religious Freedom said, "I met the Prime Minister. I thanked him for not only coming to the US but also bringing together Americans."

Did NYT just admit that its long-held ideals of liberal democracy have failed? When NYT fails to preach to India, they preach about how...

Titled "The India Quandary", the evangelical NYT's op-ed on Thursday was uncommonly politically correct. Of course, the article didn't fall short of its traditional anti-Modi, anti-India, anti-Hindu bigotry.

Kidnapped, tortured Gujarati couple rescued by state HM Harsh Sanghvi after just a WhatsApp message: Details

A gujarati couple was rescued from tehran, within 24 hours of family asking help from Gujarat Minister Harsh Sanghvi over whatsapp message.

We do not support Taiwan independence: US Secy of State Antony Blinken says during China visit as America maintains its strategic ambiguity policy

Biden and his administration's seemingly absolute tone on Taiwan has angered China on several occasions. This has put US diplomats in a difficult position as Biden's statements (on Taiwan) have often been viewed by experts as breaching the long-held US policy of "strategic ambiguity".

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