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Why do ‘liberal’ celebrities wish death upon ‘Bhakts’ to ‘teach them a lesson’?

Their 'Idea of India' does not include you.

On Sunday, celebrity jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali took to Twitter to wish death upon all ‘Bhakts’.

Farah Khan Ali’s tweet wishing death upon ‘bhakts’

In a tweet, she said that all the ‘Bhakts’ who are ‘taking up’ for the ‘PM’s colossal failure’ in the current Chinese coronavirus pandemic, ‘I pray you lose loved ones’. She prayed that the ‘Bhakts’ lose their loved ones so they ‘realise’ the anger which stems from those who are not able to do anything to save their dying loved ones. She attributed the deaths to PM Modi’s ‘mismanagement and power hungry agenda’.

Farah Khan Ali is daughter of actor Sanjay Khan, who played the popular role of Tipu Sultan in the tv series The Sword of Tipu Sultan. She is niece to actor Feroze Khan and sister to actor Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Suzanne Khan.

Farah, very casually, just wished death upon others to settle scores with those who oppose her political ideology. She has since deleted the tweet and claimed that she did not mean to wish death upon anyone.

Is Farah the only one? No.

Here is actor Siddharth, who has starred in Bollywood blockbusters like Rang De Basanti alongside Aamir Khan, celebrating violence unleashed upon the BJP karyakartas in post-poll violence in West Bengal.

Siddharth’s tweet

On May 2, 2021, when Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress won the West Bengal state assembly elections, the state was engulfed in violence where BJP party office was set on fire along with assaulting and killing BJP workers. The fear was so much that many BJP supporters fled West Bengal and took refuge in Assam.

Amidst all this, Siddharth went on to celebrate how ‘she’ was whacking them ‘with a bartan (vessel)’. Whether ‘bartan’ is a creative euphemism to brutality, one would never know.

Mona Ambegaonkar’s tweet

Actor Mona Ambegaonkar was busy wishing ‘slow, painful death’ upon all ‘Sanghi goons’ and everyone who is a BJP or RSS member.

The buck doesn’t stop here.

Remember the arhatiyas masquerading as ‘farmers’ protesting at the Delhi borders?

Here they are singing and chanting and wishing PM Modi dies.

These are the people who accuse the ‘Sanghis’ of being ‘hateful’ and this is how they celebrate violence against them or wish death upon them.

Why the hate? Sanghis is always used as an euphemism for Hindus by ‘liberals’ who very frequently make ‘cow urine’ jibes to mock ‘Sanghis’. Why this specific hate towards the Hindus?

‘Sanghis’ are so dehumanised that wishing ill upon them is normalised. Every day I get at least a dozen tweets where people tell me how ‘I will know when someone I love will struggle for oxygen’. And this is normalised.

Because ‘Sanghis’ are not humans.

If you have even tiny bit of humanity in you, you wouldn’t wish death upon anyone, especially if you consider them human. ‘Sanghis’ are so dehumanised that when RSS swayamsevan Narayan Dhabadkar, who had tested positive for Chinese coronavirus, gave up his bed so that another COVID-positive patient, a much younger man, could get it instead, mainstream media went on to ‘fact-check’ the claims. Despite Narayan Kaka’s daughter saying how his father made the ultimate sacrifice, of giving up his own life, for a complete stranger, she was ‘fact-checked’.

Secondly, even if ‘liberals’, by some strange stroke of luck, do consider ‘Sanghis’ humans, they don’t even consider them ‘one of their own’. You see, the ‘liberals’ do not believe in concept of kinship. In fact, they also use the term ‘nationalists’ as a slur against ‘Sanghis’. Because being a nationalist is such a crime.

So when ‘liberals’ don’t even consider ‘Sanghis’ human enough to be one of their own, it really should not come as a surprise that they wish you dead. Their concept of nation does not include the ‘Sanghis’ or those who identify themselves as Hindus (because if you do, you would be shamed as a Sanghi).

Their ‘Idea of India’ does not include you.

Which is why they wish death upon you.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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