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How NDTV played with words to give impression that Kerala woman died due to Israel, deleted and reposted, but still did not mention Palestine

With its history of shielding Islamists and Jihadis, NDTV seems to have yet again proven that their heart bleeds not only for the Islamists back home but for the Ummah, so to speak.

The hostilities between the Jewish nation and its nemesis Hamas are at an all-time high, especially after the intense aerial exchanges that started on Tuesday evening and continued well past midnight. On Tuesday, Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas unleashed massive airstrikes against Israel, firing hundreds of rockets inside the country. Following that, a bitter war of narratives has been sparked in India where the Left-Islamist nexus in the country has voiced support for Jihadis in Palestine and not for India’s friend, Israel, and to no one’s surprise, NDTV too peddled that agenda rather subtly today.

Earlier this week, during the unbridled firing by Palestine against Israel, an Indian woman from Kerala had lost her life. Reportedly, the Kerala nurse was on a video call with her husband when a rocket fired by Palestine made it past the Iron Dome and killed the woman. She is survived by her husband and a young child, who Israel has promised to provide for.

On Saturday, the Kerala woman’s mortal remains reached Delhi from Israel. MoS Muraleedharan has said that the mortal remains of Ms Soumya Santosh will reach her native place on Saturday itself.

However, amidst the terrible tragedy of Soumya Santosh’s death and the incessant attacks by Jihadis against Israel, NDTV did not miss peddling its agenda to shield Islamists rather subtle.

At 9:00 AM on Saturday, NDTV posted a tweet with a short video of its anchor talking about the Kerala Nurse’s mortal remains reaching Delhi. While in the video itself the anchor does say that she was killed in the “Palestinian rocket strike”, the tweet text drafted by NDTV had very different connotations.

NDTV, in its tweet said, “Body Of Kerala Woman Killed In Israel Rocket Strike Brought Back To India”.

Technically, they are not wrong. The Kerala woman was indeed killed in the ‘Israel Rocket Strike’, which essentially means when Palestine was launching rockets at Israel.

However, the crafting of the text itself gives the impression that the Kerala woman was killed due to a rocket strike by Israel and not in Israel because of a rocket strike by Palestine.

After being called out, NDTV deleted their initial tweet and reposted saying that the woman was killed in a rocket strike ‘in Israel’. It is pertinent to note that they still could not bring themselves to actually mention that the woman was killed in a terror attack by Palestine.

Given NDTV’s history of shielding Islamists even in India, it becomes imperative that such wordplay in the face of an escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine is called out and evaluated from the prism of which side the Left of India has taken in the discussion.

Israel, which has been sending lifesaving relief material to India to battle the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, is facing security threats in the country for the last several days. And while messages of support from Indians pour in for Israel- one of India’s strongest allies, some from the opposition and the left-wing have chosen a different route, along with the Islamists.

Even elements from Congress, apart from the usual trolls like Swara Bhaskar have picked up the mantel for Palestine. Delhi Congress VP Ali Mehdi on Wednesday took to Twitter to express his hatred for the Jewish nation. Mehdi forebodes the destruction of Israel, saying that Allah will destroy it. “Allah will destroy Israel InshaAllah #AllahuAkbar,” Mehdi tweeted.

One recalls that during the Delhi riots in India, NDTV had gone out of its way to paint Hindus as the aggressor and Muslims as the victims. In fact, in one such instance, NDTV had even edited out the footage that showed bricks being stored at a Mosque’s rooftop to ensure that the scale of planning by Muslim mobs was not evident.

With its history of shielding Islamists and Jihadis, NDTV seems to have yet again proven that their heart bleeds not only for the Islamists back home but for the Ummah, so to speak.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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