Tuesday, August 3, 2021



Olympics 1972: The Munich massacre and Israel’s audacious assassination operation ‘Wrath of God’ to avenge the dastardly attack

8 Palestinian terrorists raided the Olympics village on 5 September 1972 that resulted in the death of 11 Israelis, prompting the Jewish nation to launch operation “Wrath of God”, a covert assassination campaign

Benjamin Netanyahu lost the chair after 12 years because he lost the Israeli ‘caste arithmetic’

Everyone thought Benjamin Netanyahu will show his magic and retain his posting as PM of Israel, but it didn’t happen

Print Columnist CJ Werleman pushes anti-Semitic content, spreads disinformation claiming human rights violations by Israel in Palestine

CJ Werleman claimed that 40 per cent of Palestinian children in Israeli custody were raped and almost 100 per cent of them were tortured

2 days after Naftali Bennet became new Israeli PM, IDF bombs Gaza in response to arson balloons

The airstrikes targeted facilities used by Hamas terrorists for meetings to plan attacks, the Israel Defence Forces have said.

Islamic terror outfit Hamas honours Al Jazeera for its ‘high professionalism’ during the recent Israel-Gaza clashes

The deputy head of the terror outfit Khalil al-Hayya hailed the Qatari channel Al Jazeera for its high professionalism during its coverage of the "Sword of Jerusalem" battle and for demonstrating its affiliation with the cause of the 'oppressed' Palestinian people.

Israel: 11-year-old Jewish girl attacked, threatened by a group of Arab girls in a swimming pool

Threatening to slaughter her, the Arab girls allegedly terrorized the young girl by saying, “Palestine is on your head."

Pak senator boasts about training Hamas terrorists, says will continue to do so, watch video

Raja Zafar-ul-Haq serves as the Chairman of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and was also Pakistan's ambassador to Egypt.

Ramallah: Palestinian Authority pays USD 42,000 to family of terrorist who had murdered 2 Israelis in Jerusalem

PA paid $42,000 to a family of terrorist who had killed two Israelis, and injured a mother and a child in a 2015 stabbing attack in Jerusalem.

Did porn star Mia Khalifa use an alt account ‘SarahJoe93’ to call for genocide of Israelis on Twitter? Here is what we know

Mia Khalifa entered professional porn industry in October 2014, months after 'Sarah Joe' called for genocide of Israelis on Twitter.

Associated Press journalists drank coffee with Hamas terrorists everyday in Al Jalaa tower: Israel Defence Forces makes a stunning claim

According to the latest reports, IDF chief Aviv Kohavi has said that AP journalists, knowingly or unknowingly, drank their morning coffee alongside Hamas electronics experts at the tower’s ground-level cafeteria.

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