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Ex-radicalised Muslim author studies mosques in UK, reveals Taliban, ISIS-like lifestyle of the ultra-orthodox community

Ed Husain, a Professor at the Walsh School of Foreign Service in Georgetown University, has explored some of the UK's largest mosques and the Muslim communities worshipping there to investigate the integration of Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Noted professor and political advisor Ed Husain, who himself is a former radicalised Muslim, has come up with a fascinating study about how mosques in the United Kingdom are trying to control Muslim-dominated areas in the country. He has explained the community’s efforts to enforce Taliban-like lifestyle in major cities of the United Kingdom, reports Daily Mail.

In his latest book – ‘Among The Mosques: A Journey Across Muslim Britain‘, author and political advisor Ed Husain has documented in detail how Islamic societies in the UK are slowly occupying households in the country and are enforcing strict Taliban-like rules.

Ed Husain, a Professor at the Walsh School of Foreign Service in Georgetown University, has explored some of the UK’s largest mosques and the Muslim communities worshipping there to investigate the integration of Muslims in the United Kingdom. Husain, who visited several mosques to understand Islamic penetration in the country, has revealed how parts of Blackburn are ‘no-go areas’ for white men, while ultra-orthodox parents in Bradford make children live under Taliban-like rules.

Husain, who was himself radicalised in his youth and trained for Islamic Jihad, has researched extensively regarding how Islamic communities have enforced “no-go areas” for white people in their localities, with white people in towns admitting that they have been physically attacked in these “no-go areas”.

British cities with Muslim population are a ‘different universe’, says author

In his yet-to-be-launched book, the author has documented how areas like Bolton, Dewsbury and Blackburn are described as ‘a different universe’ and has observed how a Muslim can spend months with no contact whatsoever with mainstream ‘white’ Britain’ in certain parts of the British cities.

Among the areas, Ed visited was Blackburn, which has the highest Muslim population outside of London, the global hub for the Deobandis and the Tablighi Jamaat.

Nearly 50 per cent of the mosques in the UK are controlled by the Deobandis, the radical Islamists who inspired and created Islamic terror outfits such as the Taliban in Afghanistan, while the Tablighi Jamaat dreams of returning to ‘true’ Islam as observed by the Prophet Mohammed. Tablighi Jamaat was also the single source superspreaders of Covid-19 in India last year, who accounted for the first wave of the Chinese pandemic in the country.

According to Ed Husain’s observations, there has been a massive increase in the resentment between white locals and Muslim citizens. Speaking to Ed, a group of white men said that they are scared to go into ‘no-go areas’ in the town, such as Whalley Range. Apparently, Muslims in these areas had repeatedly ‘jumped’ his 12-year-old son.

In Bradford, Muslim parents have banned their children from participating in the drama, theatre and dance classes, and drawing, mimicking rules that the Taliban implement in Afghanistan and ISIS in Syria. 

“They are ‘physically’ in Britain but mentally living elsewhere,” said Husain in his book that is scheduled to be released next week.

According to the 2011 census, the population in the Whalley Range was 30 per cent British Asian and 38 per cent White, the area which is considered to be avoided by the white population. “If we go to Whalley Range at night-time, we’re guaranteed to get jumped. We won’t walk out of it. We won’t walk to the other end of the street,” narrated a white British citizen to Husain.

Muslims in UK threaten whites for flying ‘British’ flag

Shockingly, the Muslims living in Blackburn with Darwen threatens people with eviction for flying the English flag and calls the white population as ‘racist.’ 

Saima Afzal, a former councillor, has revealed to Ed that a headteacher at one Muslim school in Blackburn had withdrawn young girls from swimming lessons, saying it was inappropriate for them to wear swimming costumes. 

During his trip to several mosques, Ed Husain has also visited what he described as an ‘otherwise ordinary-looking shop’, where he found several books detailing strict restrictions for women. According to Husain, he discovered copies of Bahishti Zewar, which insists that it is a sin to “enjoy dancing and listening to music” and to “like and be attracted to the customs of the kuffar [unbelievers]”.

He also discovered the book “Mukhtasar al-Quduri: A Manual of Islamic Law,” which reads, ‘When a girl reaches puberty, it is not appropriate that any of her should be seen, excepting her face, and her hands up to the wrists.’ 

In Bradford, Ed was shocked to see the lack of white English people in the city and asked a Muslim taxi driver about their whereabouts. To which, the Muslim taxi drivers said they had all ‘gone with the wind’.

According to the author, there were mosques on almost every corner in Bradford. Several houses also serve as mosques and madrasas, banners affixed to their facades, he writes. Ed mentions that Muslim parents living in the area had forbidden their children from taking part in the drama, theatre and dance classes as well as drawing. 

As Islam prohibits figurative art and also bans dancing, so the children are not permitted to draw or dance and their parents cannot allow them to come here,’ a director of a theatre company said to Ed.

During his investigation, Ed also visited The Islam Bradford Centre and heard a sermon from an Imam who commands worshipers to avoid the ‘innovations of the modern world.’ “All new matters, he says, are deviations, and all deviations belong in hellfire,” Ed writes in his book.

“He speaks from paper notes and delivers the entire sermon in English, again differing from many other mosques I have encountered where Arabic and Urdu sections are also delivered,” the book recounts.

Meanwhile, another Imam in the city said him he was concerned about the “widespread abuse of disabled children in the Muslim community”.

“Disabled children are hidden away. Many of the Muslim parents just don’t care about these children, and take their social benefit money and use it to support their families, open shops, back in Kashmir,” Ed mentions in his book.

Bookstores in Muslim majority areas sell Jihad material that glorify terrorism

During his visit to these areas, Ed discovered bookstores filled with books glorifying violent jihad, especially by Sayyid Qutb, the Egyptian godfather of Islamist terror and an acknowledged influence on Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.   

Ed speaks to Louise Denham, the director of a local theatre company dedicated to helping disabled children, who say she was pessimistic and warned that Bradford could become ‘an apartheid city’ within 30 years. She predicted, “There’ll be more pushback against diversity. We’ll have parties like Nazi Germany organising against the immigrant and Muslim populations.”

In his book, Ed Husain also points out how stated that upon arriving in Dewsbury, he felt like he was in a different country and century.

As he visited the Markazi Mosque mosque, one of the largest mosques in Europe controlled by the Deobandis, he observed that there were no spaces allocated for women to pray. A cleric said to Ed, “There can be no discussion of there being women in the mosque. This would be a temptation for many.”

The Markaz mosque is also the central office for the Tablighi Jamaat, which was founded in India in 1927 to stop the dilution of the identity of a Muslim in the cosmopolitan cities of British India. 

In his visit to Dewsbury, Ed also found local bookshops that sold pamphlets and books promoting the separation and suppression of women. One such book also outlined how women should not leave the house without their husband’s permission.

“When a woman leaves her home without her husband’s consent, then all the angels of the skies and the entire universe curse her for this act until she returns home,” the book read.

Another stated, “Being in seclusion with a strange woman, and the reckless intermingling between men and women, is most certainly haram, forbidden in the religion of God.” The third one read, “The woman was the strongest factor in destroying noble characteristics.”

Apparently, women can’t go out easily. To come out of their houses, Muslim women have to cover their faces with black veils. 

In his book, Ed called it “the culture of caliphism”, explaining, “The Tablighi Jamaat separates itself from secular society, and preaches from door to door, to create a Muslim society from which a caliphate is expected eventually to emerge.”

Sharia Court within a mosque in a Didsbury

During a trip to Didsbury, Ed also visited the town’s mosque, which was a church before it was purchased in 1967 by Syrian Arabs.

Ed noticed banners and Palestinian flags outside the mosque and, on the inside, he found posters urging support for terrorist organisations. He also discovered a sign for the ‘Sharia Department’ in the mosque to hear disputes regarding divorces, marriages, and other dispute that can be resolved under sharia.

Ed also came across the books written by Khurshid Ahmad, an ideologue of the Jamaat-e-Islami and other Islamist groups in Pakistan who has advocated for the creation of an Islamic state. In these books, Ahmad has referred to members of al-Qaeda as ‘brethren’ and refused to acknowledge their role in the 9/11 attacks. 

He also became aware of the shocking fact that Islamic terrorist Salman Abedi, who detonated a suicide bomb killing 22 at an Ariana Grande concert in the city, was a member of this mosque. Abedi and his family regularly attended the mosque and his father sometimes led the call to prayer. 

Muslims in Britain want a ‘Sharia’ state

Upon his visit to Edinburgh’s Central Mosque, Ed found it was guarded by security wearing high-vis jackets. Husain spotted a poster for a “Politics and Media Masterclass”, which created awareness among the Muslim community about who regulates the media, how to challenge it and how legislation is made.

The study was sponsored by MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development), a controversial group that aims to encourage British Muslim communities to be more involved in British media and politics. In his book, the author stated that he later travelled to Glasgow to visit several mosques, including the Central Mosque in the city. During his visit, Ed was told not to take photographs inside the mosque by a cleric.

Later, he visited Dawate-Islami madrasa, a mosque in another part of the city, where young girls were required to wear all black burkas as uniform to cover their “private parts”.  

In Birmingham, Ed met with two Muslims who had recently moved to the country from Saudi Arabia. They insisted that they cannot change their religion to suit Britain, with one, Ahmed, saying, “I have no government. We are waiting for our government of the sharia to return again, headed by a caliph.”

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