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India’s vaccination program: Why the BBC is a bunch of petty losers

Cherry picking, selective reporting and insatiable hunger to insult and mock India is what makes the writers at BBC losers in the truest sense of word.

With regards to the Coronavirus, the UK has a lot to be proud of. They have already given vaccine jabs to 70 percent of their population and around 57 percent have received both doses. The Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine was also one of the first to be developed, tested and put out on the market. Not just in the UK, but all around the world. In fact, the vast majority of the 470 million vaccine doses administered in India are those of the Oxford vaccine, manufactured locally by the Serum Institute of India.

This is not surprising, since the UK is a highly developed Western European country, with an advanced economy and a highly sophisticated R&D base.

Then, why is the BBC such a bunch of losers? A loser is someone who contributes nothing to the world, except envy and insecurity. A true loser is one who comes good on the old saying that there is no such thing as a superiority complex. There can only be an inferiority complex.

Let me show you why. Consider this article from the BBC on India’s vaccination program.

BBC on India’s vaccination drive

Of course the BBC article is harsh on India, just as the BBC has always been. But there is more than that. You will find that this article contains numerous statistics. They detail from various sources (government and industry) how many vaccines India is currently producing, how many it is projected to produce and administer, various targets and deadlines and so on.

All except for one crucial detail. How many vaccine doses has India already administered? The BBC won’t say. That’s the most important headline figure of all. But the BBC leaves it out. The closest they come to reporting to India’s current vaccination status is this sentence:

So far, around 10% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated with two doses.

Ah! They only count “fully vaccinated” people. That too not in terms of absolute numbers, but only in terms of percentages.

Imagine the mentality that went into this. In researching this story, surely the BBC must have come across the fact that India has administered 470 million jabs. They could have stated the figure, and then they could have run it down. They could have shaded it by pointing out that just 26 percent of Indians have received a dose of vaccine, which is very low by European standards.

But they chose not to. They decided to omit the figure altogether. It’s not difficult to see why. Because, however you look at it, 470 million is a jaw dropping figure. A reader coming across it might pause for one moment and reflect on it in amazement. The sheer logistics of it must be mind-blowing.

The BBC writers couldn’t possibly take that risk. They were not even confident in their own ability to mock and insult the figure of 470 million. So they decided to omit it altogether. Instead, they opted for the relative safety of reporting only on the “fully vaccinated.” And even there they used a percentage, instead of the absolute number.

Taking no chances, whatsoever. And that, my friends, is what makes the BBC a bunch of losers; in the truest sense of the word.

Incredibly, there is more. The BBC report also contains the following piece of information:

India is one of those meant to benefit from donations of vaccine doses by the US and other G7 members promised in June.

Oh, the pettiness. India has not received a single donation of vaccines. Even if we get any, those would be token amounts that we cannot refuse for sake of diplomatic graces, amounting to something like half a day’s supply. But see the desperation of the BBC that they decided to include it, itching to show off India as a supplicant state. Incidentally, India itself has donated vaccines to a number of countries, but the BBC left that out.

You think I am making too much of this? Then, consider this earlier BBC report, from July 16, on India’s vaccination program.

BBC on India’s vaccination drive

Go ahead and criticize, BBC. But why open with an outright lie? India has administered vaccine jabs to just over 5 percent of its population? Oh, you meant both doses, but that’s not what you said. The English language is devious enough and you could have crafted any number of insults for us. But you didn’t even do that. You opted for an outright lie instead. Because you are losers.

Okay, perhaps the BBC does not believe that the number of people who received just one dose is relevant any more. Maybe the BBC is no longer keeping track of something so basic? Let’s test this hypothesis, for instance, on this BBC report from 2 days ago.

How BBC reports vaccination drive in UK

Now see the opening sentence! Look who is suddenly counting those with just one dose! And reporting absolute numbers…


Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
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