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‘All religions same is a comfortable lie, truth is written on walls of destroyed temples’: Watch Nitin Gupta speak on temple destructions by Islamists

In the latest episode in the series, he explains how the ideology that promotes forced conversion also condones and rationalises the destruction of temples by Islamic jihadis.

Comedian Nitin ‘Rivaldo’ Gupta has come up with yet another video in the series on forced conversions in India, this time explaining how the scourge of forced conversions has not even spared Dalit girls. In the latest episode in the series, he explains how the ideology that promotes forced conversion also condones and rationalises the destruction of temples by Islamic jihadis.

In the first episode of Nitin’s third exclusive video series for OpIndia, the comedian took a sarcastic dig at Muslim men who project false identity to ensnare Hindu and Dalit girls.

“One thing I cannot fathom is if you are a Muslim, why do you need to hide your identity? Why do you have to assume an identity of a Hindu to meet a girl? Why are you so ashamed to use an alias to approach girls? After all, you are followers of Muhammad, the man who is said to be the greatest person to live on earth, the man who commands such great respect and admiration that cartoons on him spark outrage and slogans of “tan se juda”,” Gupta sardonically said.

You can watch the entire video here.

Nitin Rivaldo Gupta explains the ideology of forced conversion that is fuelled by the hatred of idol worshippers

Nitin talks about the case of one Imran Malik who pretended to be Rahul and lured a Dalit girl named Kavita into marrying him. Imran had created two marriage certificates after marrying Kavita—one was the Arya Samaj certificate where he identified himself as Rahul and his wife as Kavita—and the other one a Nikah certificate where he named himself as Imran and his wife, Kavita, as Zoya.

The comedian also took a swipe at the “won’t show document” brigade at Shaheen Bagh protesters, derisively mocking them that while they sat on the streets in Delhi in biting cold and proclaimed that they won’t show their documents, one of their co-religionists got two sets of marriage certificates made—Arya Samaj certificate for the government purposes and another one—the Nikah certificate that proved her wife’s conversion to Islam.

“Why are you afraid of CAA-NRC? When Imran can get two sets of marriage certificates made now, one in the name of Rahul, who is stopping you all from forging documents when the NRC is actually implemented?” Gupta quips.

The ideology that fuels forced conversions rationalised temple destruction for centuries: Nitin Rivaldo

Pointing out how idol worship is strictly prohibited in Islam, Nitin cited historical accounts to claim that Prophet Muhammad himself destroyed 360 stone idols when he visited Kabba. Gupta reasons that the destruction of stone idols of non-believers is not a recent phenomenon but it is 1400-years-old.

“The tradition of destroying idols and stopping idol worship is 1400-years-old. Imagine the intensity of hatred harboured against the idol worshippers, you had Mahmud Ghaznavi, who destroyed the hallowed temple of Somnath not once but 17 times. If the motive was loot as argued by the leftists, he could have easily ransacked the temple and returned. But, he destroyed the temple in his every attack,” Gupta said.

Gupta then traced other Muslim marauders who invaded India and destroyed Hindu temples in their wake. He said Allaudin Khilji destroyed the Rudramahal Temple and in the 15th century another Muslim ruler, Ahmad Shah, got a mosque built over it. Sultan Iltumish and Khilji razed down a temple after which Mughal emperor Aurangzeb got Bija Mandal mosque built at the place, Nitin said.

“Kashi, Ayodhya and Mathura are famous. If you travel across the country, you will find thousands of temples that were destroyed by Muslim invaders and upon the ruins of which mosques were built,” Nitin said.

Debunking the liberal construct that attributed the modern-day destruction of idols and statues by Islamic radicals, particularly the Taliban’s destruction of Bamiyan Buddha, to Wahhabi influence on Islam, Nitin said Abdul Wahhab, the founder of the Wahhabi ideology, was born only in 1703 whereas most of the temples that were demolished in India such as the Charchika Mandir, Rudramandir, Ram Mandir, Kashi Vishwanath, Jain Temples in Delhi, and many others were destroyed long before his birth.

“What happened with Hindu temples in medieval India is continuing with temples in present-day Pakistan, where Hindu temples are destroyed, burnt down by bigoted mobs. So this is the context for Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem Jab arz-e-Khuda ke kaabe se, Sab but uthwae jaenge, bas naam rahega allah ka. Faiz is only romanticising what Muslim rulers did to Hindu temples and idols,” Nitin said.

Nitin Gupta takes on journalists, filmmakers for whitewashing Islamic jihad

Gupta also slammed journalists and personalities who have accused others of being “culturally illiterate” and provided a cover for Islamic jihad. He called out film-maker Vishal Bharadwaj for painting the Indian Army in a bad light and rationalising Islamic jihad through his movie Haider.

“In the movie Haider, actor Shahid Kapoor danced at the ruins of Martand Sun temple that was destroyed by Muslim ruler Sikandar Butshikan in the fifteenth century. Was Sikander’s father also kidnapped by the Indian Army that he had to embrace jihad?” Butshikan name itself means the destroyer of idols. And Vishal Bharadwaj got a jihadi character to dance on the ruins of a temple destroyed by one of the jihadis. This is cultural illiteracy,” Nitin said.

“In your efforts to whitewash Desert culture, you have buried your head so deep inside the sand that you got a jihad character to dance on the ruins of a temple destroyed by fellow jihadis. This is secularism/cultural illiteracy,” Nitin sharply remarked.

The comedian also criticised Pakistani comedian Umar Shareef for glorifying Ghaznavi and hailing him for attacking Somnath Temple 17 times. He said Shareef and Taliban shared the same ideology, the only difference being Talibani terrorists were on ground workers while people like Shareef were their cheerleaders.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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