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Kathavachak Bhai Davinder Singh hails Taliban during preaching in Gurudwara, urges Sikhs to revolt against Indian govt

Davinder Singh said that the Taliban are Sikhs because they are fighting for his rights, showing manhood, and do not agree to become someone’s slave

On August 30, Kathavachak Bhai Davinder Singh (Sonu Veer Ji) of Goindwal, Punjab, hailed Taliban while preaching at Gurudwara Nanak Piao, Mahingapur, Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. He said, “Some white men brought military in Afghanistan. At that time, there were 52 Singhs of Taliban. Now you will ask why am I calling them Sikhs. I am calling them Sikhs because if a person is fighting for his rights, which shows manhood, who does not agree to become someone’s slave? Who is he?”

He further added, “When America attacked Afghanistan, the intelligent people, those who were fighting to save their rights, were only 52 in number. It is our misfortune that mothers of our 11-year-olds are getting a haircut for their children. Not even boys, even girls, are chopping off their hair. On the other hand, the Taliban gave their 11-year-olds loaded pistols. When the children asked them what to do when someone enters their home, their parents asked them to shoot the intruders. They started with a group of 52, and now they defeated 2,75,000 American troops with 74,000 men. This is the power of weapons.”

He further added that it is the misfortunes of the Sikhs that they welcome victory with flowers. On the other hand, the Taliban raised their weapons. He alleged that a video got leaked in which Talibs were seen worshipping their weapons before entering Afghan parliament.

Using the example of the Taliban, Davinder Singh said that Sikhs are requesting the Modi government not to torture them. “But for how long? I have told you before if a dog becomes mad, there is no way other than killing it. It is up to you if you kill the dog with the power of vote or with the power of agitation, but you have to kill the dog,” he said.

Davinder Singh further added, “My Sikh brothers, if you do not kill the dog, he will put his knee on your neck. I am giving you an example. The sons of Adani and Ambani only need ½ litre of milk, but the Modi government is serving them 5 litres and not providing anyone else anything. It is not fair. It should be the other way around. You should get 5 litres and give them whatever is left. Now, if you want to take your share, you have to take action. Remember, Khalsa, do not eat leftover.”

Explosive allegations against BJP members

Davinder Singh made some explosive allegations against BJP leaders as well. He said, “If someone supports BJP, ask them about the gang rape of a young woman in the hands of 13 BJP workers who not only raped her but inserted a rod in her private parts. Ask them how they can support such people? If you ask this question, they will back off.” He not only urged his followers to keep the farmer protests alive but also to remove the Modi government from power by any means whatsoever.

Gurudwaras are being used to spread fake information

This is not the first time a Gurudwara has been used to radicalize Sikh youth or spread misinformation about the Union Government or Agriculture laws. In December 2020, it was reported that the Sermons of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib spread misinformation about the Agriculture laws. Katha Vachak Baba Banta Singh made several false claims which were completely opposite to what is in the laws.

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