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Ground Report: Irfan Siddiqui, who had gone to jail for raping a Dalit woman, comes out and kills her brother Hiralal Gujrati

Irfan Siddiqui had gone to jail for raping Hiralal Gujarati’s sister, and killed Hiralal after coming out

Hiralal Gujrati, 38, father of three used to maintain his family by selling birds. He was brutally murdered on 17 January 2022 in Sultanpuri, Delhi. Irfan Siddiqui and his brother Sanu are accused of murder. Both have been arrested by the police.

The Dalit family of Hiralal lives in the B block of Sultanpuri. Irfan, who lived in the next street, was not alien to him. He was like a son to his mother. But first, he raped Hiralal’s sister. Irfan was jailed in this case. As soon as he came out of jail, he killed Hiralal.

The complainant of this incident is Arjun, nephew of the deceased Hiralal. In the complaint given to the police, it is stated, “The incident happened on January 17 at around 7.30 pm. The attack on Hiralal took place in Dadia Park of B4 Colony of Sultanpuri. When Hiralal and Narsingh went to the park, Irfan and his brother Sanu were already present there. Irfan had a knife in his hand and Sanu had a pistol in his hand. Irfan said that you sent me to jail in the rape case. Sanu instigated Irfan to kill both of them. Irfan attacked Hiralal with knives. Sanu opened fire on Hiralal and Narsingh who went to save him. Hiralal was also hit with a brick.” After the attack, both the victims were taken to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital where Hiralal was declared dead. Narsingh, 42, also sustained bullet injuries and is undergoing treatment.

FIR copy

The wife of the deceased Hiralal told OpIndia, “Irfan and his younger brother Sanu kill him (Hiralal). Both of them killed him there with knives and bullets. His terror is so much in our area that no one tried to stop him. He keeps abusing and threatening everyone. He had threatened that if he comes out of jail, he will have an open fight. When he used to come on the date, he used to threaten and say let me be free from here, then see what I do to every one of you.” She further said “Irfan was jailed in the rape case of my sister-in-law. Earlier he used to visit my house. My mother-in-law treated him like a son. At that time we did not even think that he would do this to us. He used to call my sister-in-law. She could not understand. Later my sister-in-law told her mother, she refused to do anything.”

wife of deceased Hiralal

Who got Irfan out in the rape case?

The wife of the deceased further said, “He forcefully misbehaved with my sister-in-law, raped her, and pressurized her for not telling this to anyone. Irfan said that if you tell anyone, your brother Heera will be killed. Your family should not know what I am doing to you. My sister-in-law kept on suffering silently.” She says, “This incident of rape happened about 5 months ago. Irfan was arrested in this case. It was 3 days that Irfan was released from jail. We did not even think that he would kill after being released. Threats were being given continuously but we did not take them seriously. He had already done all the settings. He knew nothing would happen to him. We do not know who took his bail and who got him released in the rape case. He has got the support of some big man, that is why he came out. How come he is set free?”

Quest for justice from Hiralal’s widow

Hiralal’s wife told, “My husband was very scared. He used to talk about leaving Delhi and going to Rajasthan. He was always concerned about his children. He was engaged in arranging the necessary money before leaving Delhi. Before killing her, she abused my husband. My husband remained silent. How could the Muslims dare to do such a thing? If someone had spoken, he would not have dared. Irfan must be hanged. He ruined the lives of my little kids. Who will feed them now? What is the crime in standing with your sister? Taking this as a crime, Irfan has killed my husband.”

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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