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Leicester: The Guardian’s Aina Khan confirms Hindu temple desecrated, flag burned by Islamist mob, but invokes ‘good Imam’

We are to believe the mob which attacked the temple had no religion, but the person who appeared miraculously there to 'save it' had.

UK’s leftist outlet The Guardian’s Aina Khan has now invoked a ‘good Imam’ who stood guarding the Hindu temple in Leicester while Islamist mob ran riots, perpetrating violence on Hindus. Khan cites her own report where she named one Dharmesh Lakhani obliquely referenced as someone who ‘represents and works with Hindu temples across Leicester’. This ‘Dharmesh Lakhani’ apparently also works with mosques and local Muslim leaders as per their report.

Aina Khan’s tweets

Khan then tweeted portion of her ‘conversation’ with ‘Dharmesh Lakhani’, who works with Hindu temples and mosques, who confirmed the flag outside Hindu temple was torn down by the Islamist mob. Another flag was burned. However, Khan steers clear from mentioning who attacked Hindu temples. Idol worship is considered biggest sin in Islam. Over the years, during the Mughal rule in India, hundreds of Hindu temples were destroyed and disputed structures (mosques) were built over them. The disputed structures called ‘Babri Masjid’ and ‘Gyanvapi Masjid’ are just some of the examples of persecution of Hindus in their own land.

‘Dharmesh Lakhani’ then also conjures up one Imam (Islamic religious head), who just happened to stand outside the Hindu temple in Leicester while an Islamist mob destroyed it but the ‘Imam’ was standing guard to ‘make sure nothing happens’. It is important to mention here that many crimes of murders over ‘blasphemy’ in India as well as forced religious conversions as well as sexual exploitation, Maulanas or other such religious heads have played a major role. Of course, the ‘good Imam’, by grace of Gods and Goddesses, just happened to be there to save the Hindu temple.

Yeh Pehle Ho Chuka Hai

The ‘good Imam’ is straight out of the toolkit Indian Islamists have often used to show how amid the violence perpetrated by their own coreligionists, the ‘good men’ are still out to ‘protect’ the Hindu places of worship. This despite history having shown otherwise – a cursory glance at pleas in various courts of India will give you an idea on how historically, the temples have always been demolished by radicals.

The ‘good Muslims’ card is invoked as cover fire when the radicals choose violence. We’ve seen it August 2020 when an Islamist mob took to streets in Bengaluru over alleged ‘blasphemy’ of divine figures of Islam and set things on fire. When the ‘liberals’ and ‘seculars’ saw how an average person is waking up to reality that you do not call for beheading someone just because your ‘religious feelings’ are hurt, they started showing how Muslims had formed ‘human chain’ to ‘protect temple’.

The same happened after Delhi anti-Hindu riots as well. Day after the Delhi’s Anti-Hindu riots in February, media reports had emerged how Muslims formed human chains to ‘save temples’ in Delhi. The trick was first tested in recent history during the anti-CAA riots.

The fact that an Islamist mob wanted to destroy it while chanting Allahu Akbar gets forgotten because ‘good Muslims’ formed ‘human chain to save it’. Similarly, the removal, burning of flag in Leicester by Islamist mob is whitewashed by ‘good Imam’ who just happened to be there coincidentally amid violence to ‘protect temple’.

And we are to believe this. We are to believe the mob which attacked the temple had no religion, but the person who appeared miraculously there to ‘save it’ had.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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